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APC Hero

  • Phoenix House
  • 2 Phoenix Park, Eaton Socon
  • St Neots
  • Cambridgeshire
  • United Kingdom
  • PE19 8EP (map)

  • Tel: 01480 226600
  • Fax: 01480 218752
  • Website:


  • Natasha Farley, Sales Representative
  • Martin Kingston, General Manager
  • Lynn Cooper, Sales Manager
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable

Specialist Electronic Component Distribution

Specialist Electronic Component Distribution

APC Hero provides technical and design-in support on key Technology Product Sectors.

APC Hero is a distributor of specialist electronic components and has built a reputation for technical competence in supporting a range of high technology products for specialist manufacturers.

We have product experts in each of our key product areas and can provide full design-in support.

We can assist with your design using a vast array of products and semiconductor technologies including Sensors, Communications (wireless and wired), LED’s and Ultracapacitors.

Backing up our technical expertise we have strong relationships with suppliers to ensure we offer you the latest technologies and can discuss new developments.

Finally, all of this is supported by an excellent customer service team and a local UK warehouse.

Sensors and Measurement

Sensors and Measurement

We have a wide range of sensors covering humidity, temperature, differential pressure, liquid and gas flow as well as light and UV sensors, distance measuring devices and contact and position sensing products.

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Gas Flow Meters & Controllers
  • Differential Pressure Sensors
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensors
  • Liquid Flow Sensors
  • UV Sensors
  • Position Sensing Diodes
  • Data Acquisition Solutions
  • Co2 Sensors
  • Radiation Sensors
  • Positioning and Ranging



Our communications product offering includes leading manufacturers; Bluegiga, Adeunis RF, Locosys, Wiznet, Telecom Design, Yitran, Nanotron and Telic.

  • Bluetooth Smart (4.0)
  • Bluetooth Classic (2.1)
  • Positioning and Ranging
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • ISM
  • Ethernet
  • PLC

MSR Data Loggers

MSR Data Loggers

High quality data loggers to perform a wide range of measuring tasks.

You are able to configure your own MSR Data Logger directly from our site.

LEDs and Lighting

LEDs and Lighting

LEDs and LED lighting represent one of the fastest growing markets for electronic components. At Hero we plan to offer you a full range of the latest products but also the technical know-how to implement your design and bring your product quickly to market.

Our LED product range includes leading suppliers Kingbright and Signal Construct.

  • High Bright LEDs
  • Through Hole LEDs
  • Surface Mount LEDs
  • LED Lights, Lamps and Clusters
  • Infrared and Phototransistor
  • Photo Coupler, Photo Interupter and Photo Reflective Sensor
  • Surface Mount Displays
  • Through Hole Displays
  • LED Indicators and Signals



Our display products feature the world famous NLT range of TFT displays (formerly known as NEC LCD Technologies). Offering innovative and high quality TFT LCD modules for the industrial market.

  • TFT Displays
  • Touchscreens and Controllers
  • Driver Boards
  • Open Frame Monitors
  • Panel PCs
  • Custom and Standard LCDs

Embedded Computing

Embedded Computing

APC Displays+ is the only dedicated Advantech specialist embedded distributor in the UK. Advantech is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial computers offering a wide range of embedded products.

Single Board Computers;

  • COM / SOM
  • Industrial Motherboards
  • 3.5"
  • 5.25" / EBX
  • PC/104
  • MI/O Extension SBC
  • RISC Processors

Box PCs

  • ARK Series
  • Industrial Computer Chassis
  • Box IPCs

Panel PCs

  • Industrial Touch Panel PCs
  • Kiosk and Info Terminals
  • Industrial Touch Monitors with Box PC
  • Self Service Touch Computers

We can also offer you full support and a range of accessories.

Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Player

Self-Service and Digital Signage Solutions

We offer products from a number of suppliers, including Advantech, IAdea and our own custom solutions.

Suitable for public signage kiosks, interactive kiosks and large scale public signage.

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