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B2B Stock

Applegate B2B Stock

Buying and selling products and parts for all industries has never been easier with Applegate’s B2B Stock. Whether you’re selling products, components or parts, B2B stock is your answer.

B2B Stock currently holds over 9 million items, from more than 700 suppliers and is seen by hundreds of thousands of unique Applegate visitors each month. It’s the cost effective way of marketing your products directly to a vast B2B audience.

Visit B2B Stock now to learn more

With Applegate B2B Stock, each of your individual products has its own dedicated webpage. The easy to use interface means you can:

  • Present your product catalogue online
  • List part numbers
  • Include product descriptions
  • Set prices and quantities available
  • Provide your own images
  • Generate more customer enquiries and leads

and you don’t need any special software to manage your stock – it’s all done online and with the support of our B2B Stock team.

The database is searchable by part number and name, description, manufacturer and price. When customers find the products they want, they can go straight to the product pages on your own website, email or call you directly.

We have a B2B Stock listing package just right for you. Call 0845 600 7177 or email our specialist stock team now to begin building your interactive marketplace.

What Customers Say

 “B2B Stock has proved a successful method for generating increased exposure of our products on Applegate, and has proved particularly successful in generating new referrals ….. It has delivered a consistent stream of traffic, orders and revenue month after month.”

Ben Rush, Search Engine Marketing Team Leader - Farnell

For More Information

Please visit our B2B Stock FAQ page

Call Applegate +44 (0)845 600 7177