New Connector For Fast Frame Assembly from HepcoMotion®

23 Apr 2012

Speedy assembly is now assured thanks to HepcoMotion®’s introduction of the new RapiLok connector for its MCS aluminium frame and machine construction system.  Up to four hours can now be saved on the construction of a typical frame using RapiLok, saving costs whilst enhancing the versatility of this highly comprehensive system.  

RapiLok is designed to secure two profile sections mounted at right angles. The previous fixing method required cross drilling of these profiles but with RapiLok no machining is required.  Also only one profile needs to be tapped and there are no other components involved; another cost saving as well as reduced inventory.  The result is a joint that is neater, visually more appealing but nonetheless, rigid and reliable.

All that is needed is a single hexagon allen key to install RapiLok. The process is accomplished in seconds. RapiLok locates against rotation and is therefore suitable for twisting loads.  Serrated faces on the underside of the nut grip onto the smooth faces on the MCS profiles, making it the ideal choice in applications where additional loads are applied.

This low cost profile connector is easily adjustable so that profiles can be levelled during assembly. It can also be used in multiple orientations and leaves profile T-slots freely available to accommodate other system components such as panels.

RapiLok is another example of the HepcoMotion® continuous development policy that strives to improve the performance of its products and extend their scope of application.  The MCS System has also been subject to regular enhancement and now comprises an exceptional wide selection of profile sizes and types allowing it be used in applications ranging from arduous handling to clean room production.

A RapiLok product demonstration video and further information is available at > RapiLok.

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