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Low cost 10GHz Portable Microwave Power Monitor - PMA1 series

17 May 2012

Marki Microwave have introduced a new range of inline, PMA1 series, portable microwave power monitors, designed to non-invasively measure and display the power passing through a coaxial line. There are 3 variants available providing frequency coverage up to 10GHz. The units have a dynamic range of 45dBm with a typical resolution of 0.01dBm. Linearity is generally within 0.05dB or better over the operating range.

The power meters are small handheld cordless units and are recommended for applications in microwave signal monitoring, diagnostics, optimization, antenna alignment. They have Low insertion loss and excellent return loss specifications. Battery life is exceptional due to proprietary low power design and auto-shutoff feature.

• Measures Power without System Interference
• Integrated Display
• Low Insertion Loss
• Compact, Portable, and Cordless
• Long Battery Life with Auto-Shutoff
• Rechargeable with Micro-USB
• USB read/writeable (beta)

Product details can be found on the following link:

If we can be of any further assistance please call us on 020 8869 9050.

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