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GP Burners CIB Ltd

  • Unit 2D, Hargreaves Road
  • Groundwell Industrial Estate
  • Swindon
  • Wiltshire
  • United Kingdom
  • SN25 5AZ (map)

  • Tel: 01793 709050
  • Fax: 01793 709060
  • Website:

GP Burners CIB Ltd, a leading supplier of burners in the UK, have a wide range of different types of burners from one single source, CIB Unigas.

Our plant based in Swindon covers the design, assembly, testing and inspection of all our burners. In the manufacturing of our burners, there is no compromise on quality. Every burner is made to the highest standard. Once our burners are installed, we can provide a complete after sales service.

As well as complete burners, we also provide a range of accessories such as burner spares and Siemens spares, as well as control panels. We provide the complete burner service.

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