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Impress Sensors and Systems Ltd


  • Sam Drury, Managing Director
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable



Whatever you need to measure, control, log or indicate, at Impress Sensors and Systems we have all the expertise you require. An ISO 9001 accredited company, with over 25 years experience in instrumentation design and manufacturing for a hugely diverse range of applications, we’ll understand your requirements and help you select the right product for your application needs.

We offer a wide selection of high quality instrumentation products available off the shelf – from pressure sensors to hand-held calibrators, data loggers and resistance thermometers. Where standard products do not fit your requirements, our custom design service allows us to design and produce unique instrumentation specifically for your needs.

In addition to instrumentation components, we are also experts in system development. So if you need a complete system, with a simple design or providing complex control, you can rely on us to tailor a solution to your exact specifications.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We know you need us to provide prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions and it’s our top priority to deliver these on time, every time..

At Impress Sensors and Systems, we have a global presence internationally, supplying either directly from the UK or via our many agents across 5 continents. Our products are used in applications as diverse as OEM medical applications, large process and petrochemical applications plus the automotive and autosport industries.

Innovation and Service - putting our customers first...

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