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BT2000 Bringing you Innovative Electronic Solutions

BT2000 Bringing you Innovative Electronic Solutions Technology 2000 Ltd (BT2000) is a long established design-led, franchised, electronic component distributor and manufacturer's representative.

Working with leading amanufacturers to bring latest technology to the UK customer base.

Products include MEMS Sensors, Power management , Semiconductors, Communications technologies including the latest in Powerline and GSM technologies.

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Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology includes
Invensense MEMS Gyros and Sounders  The very latest and smallest Multi Axis sensors
Memsic MEMS Accelerometers and Magnetometers
Signal Quest Shock , tilt and vibration sensors
SensDev  MEMS Based Pressure sensors

Power Components

Power Components

Power products include
Cymbets Solid state batteries and includes hi accuracy low power Embedded/ rechargeable RTC version
Cellergy Low leakage , low ESR Super Capacitors from 12mm square
VINAtech Ultra Capacitors 1Farad ~3000 Farad
UTC low profile super capacitors
Vincotech Latest IGBT Power modules

Super and Ultra Capacitors

Super and Ultra Capacitors

BT2000 work with three leading Super and Ultra Capacitor manufacturers

VINAtech offer a range from 1F ~3000F

Their 3v range offers extended life time compared to comeptitive technologies. Their P-EDLC (Hybrid) Super Capacitors are ideal Battery replacements for rechargeable tools, toys and emergency lighting

Cellergy offers a very small outline package from 10mF to 700mF with an 85c (CLK) series and the more popular Low Leakage (CLC) family 

UTC is a newcomer to Europe and they have the lowest profile products on the market to date, Ideal for SMART cards etc, from 1~36v


Frequency Control

Frequency Control

Frequency Control Products

Cymbet have developed Solid stae batteries. Their growth product encompasses a low power high accuracy RTC embedded with a rechargeable Solid state battery and processor , these RoHS & WEEE compliant products save space and costs.

The Bare dies are ideal for Wearable technology

Pericom is a major US Multinational with factories in Asia producing high quality Crystals and Oscillators. This Automotive grade production facility focusses on SMT Technology

GNSS GPS & Glonass

GNSS GPS & Glonass

BT2000 offer a wide range of products covering all the Satellite Bands

Maestro are a major developer of SiRF Star IV &V products The miniature SiRF StarIV based GPS module offers a wide range of features. Probably the lowest power hungry GPS Module on the market to date. With the integration of an Antenna saves space . design costs and an overall cost benefit. The A2235H  has high sensitivity, anti jamming and by holding the ephemeris for 30 days offers the quickest time to first fix.

SiRF StarV series offers added advantages of simultaneous tracking 6 satellite systems and incorporates the benefits of SiRF StarIV

Antennas    Market leading PCTEL produce Hi end Antennas for all market sectors, their Combination antennas include Iridium, Thuraya or the more popular GPS/Glonass along with Tetra and ISM & GSM bands.  The Dual LNA design enables hi accuracy performance.





BT20000 Communications range offers a wide range of technologies for the M2M (IoT) market place The range of Wireless technologies is supported by the very latest GreenPHY products supported by an excellent range of Antennas.

PCTEL for High performance antennas 27MHz to 6GHz   including GPS, Glonass, Tetra, Satcom, Scada, Towers, Yagii and Military and aerospace grade products.

Neoway offers a new range of miniature GSM/GPRS/3G and WIFI embedded modules, competitively priced and new to the UK market introduced a miniature and very low cost GSM/GPRS cl.12 Quad band modem, the M660 measures just 18x 22mm

Adactus offer a comprehensive range of cost effective ISM. GSM & GPS antennas.

Gridcomm produce Narrowband PLC modules for Industrial applications ideal for long distances up to 3kms
MC Technology   produce the  MC66W is an ideal entry level QuadBand  GSM/GPRS cl.10 Modem A wide voltage range of 8~30v id ideal for Mobile and vehicle mounted applications operating between -40c ~ +90c this is an economically priced Industrial modem

Greenvity  The leader in NarrowBand Powerline Communications (GreenPHY) have launched the ARM9 powered GV Controller to support their range of PLC plug in modules , this Cloud enabled IoT PLC multi protocol controller offers WIFI, Ethernet, Zigbee and BLE & Zwave options. The very latest feature is their mesh networking capability





Pericom PCIe, USB, HDMI Interfaces  with RTC, Crystals & Oscillators

MSI RF Interface and nixed signal active filter ICs

EZ Chip Ethernet network processors

Audio Codes for VoIP HD and VoIP SoC and DSPs

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