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Redcliffe Precision Ltd.


  • Jeffrey R Sage, Managing Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
  • We have been manufacturing all types of precision components to the aircraft industry - from 1 off to batch work - for over 25 years
  • This includes CNC milling, CNC Turning, Centreless/Cylindrical Grinding, Tooling and Assembly.
  • A full quality system that includes an approved laboratory with test facilities for examination of rolled threads and hardness checks
We specialise in Thread Rolling that provides bolts, studs etc. with a higher fatigue strength thread for LESS COST than ordinary screw cutting.

Our Thread Rolling capability covers a wide range of thread sizes from 10/32 to 2" threads.

The test facilities for examination of the thread are the cutting and mounting of cross section samples for the checking of material grain flow and defects such as laps and cracks as well as the general thread form.
Thread Rolling specifications Redcliffe Precision work to:

Airbus UK Ltd ABP2 2333
GKN Westland WHPS 390
GKN Westland Aero WAPS10 02
Rolls Royce TR1/JES286

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