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A-Series Spares

  • 25-27 Hallcroft
  • Shepshed
  • Loughborough
  • Leicestershire
  • United Kingdom
  • LE12 9AN (map)

  • Tel: 08008 247294
  • Fax: 01509 829142
  • Website:

Imperial Fasteners

Imperial Fasteners

A-Series Spares, carry one of the largest ranges in BA, Whitworth and AF Spanners and Sockets. We also carry a full range of BSF, UNF and UNC nuts and bolts in Grade 8.8, A2 (304) and A4 (316) Stainless Steel.

We stock UNC and UNF in a range of finishes. The range of sizes we carry are the most common for Classic Cars, You will find all these sizes on Post war British Cars such as Jaguar, Mini, MGA, MGB, MG Midget /Sprite, Morris.

Grade A4/316 is an Austenitic grade of stainless steel. Containing approximately 18% chromium, 10% nickel and 3% molybdenum it has a higher corrosion reststance than grade other grades.

It has excellent resistance to atmospheric staining in industrial areas and is also used in marine environments.

Fasteners for boat fittings, chemical plant, swimming pools, sewage treatment works, farm equipment including dairy machinery and masonry fixings.

Taps and Dies

Taps and Dies

We stock a high quality range of Taps and Dies can now be found in our shop, these include all the imperial sizes and covers most of the thread forms.

HSS Hand Taps - Machine Taps - Thread Dies - Thread Gauges - Specials quoted on request

Electronic Ignition

Electronic Ignition

A-Series Spares have gained a reputation for their line in Lucas Distributors and Lucas (original design) Red Rotor arms, Electronic Ignition Systems, Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits, for a wide variety of British Classic Cars including MG Midget and Sprite, Morris Minor and Mini to name a few. This means you can now have better maintained performance and much improved reliability from your ignition.

Our range of ignition components have been chosen to meet the increasing demand for quality and durability, many of us have suffered with recent components, usually an inferior design and poor quality materials. Our range have been tested and chosen with all products giving significant durability gains. We carry original points type ignition systems as well as electronic and Sports electronic systems.

We specialise in Electronic Ignition Systems for Classic Mini, Morris Morris, MG Midget, MGA and MGB etc. If you require a system not listed, for a car we have not mentioned please get in touch with our sales team using the contact details below.

Most our ignition items come with a 12 month guarantee against defects. Should your purchase prove to be faulty within 12 months we may provide a repair, replacement or refund at our discretion.

Car Care and Valeting

Car Care and Valeting

We carry a trusted range of car care and workshop consumables used in our workshops, including; Autoglym, Wurth, Britool, Sealey and Ring, Our comprehensive catalogue is always growing.

is currently a 3 for 2 offer on the complete A-Series Spares, Car Care and Valeting Section

BMC Cylinder Heads

BMC Cylinder Heads

BMC 'A Series' Cylinder Heads

Our cylinder heads have been produced to meet the high demand in the market, Tried and tested on the track, it was the track that gave us the reputation we have today. high quality heads, using top quality components.

A-Series Spares focus just as much on reconditioned cylinder heads, Buy confidently knowing you are purchasing the best value-for-money performance available today. Each head is meticulously prepared to the highest engineering standards. The section below contains a small selection from our range - "exchange" where possible.

NOTE: Due to continuous demand for these heads we can not always guarantee having your specific head in stock. If this is the case we work on approximately 3 weeks delivery.

Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment

We carry a huge line in Metric, BA, Whitworth and AF spanners and socketry, our sets and individual pieces cover the whole range of spanners you will typically need when working on classic British cars such as Jaguar, Mini, MGA, MGB, MG Midget, Morris Minor Etc.

We also carry an ever increasing range of workshop tools, lead lamps and automotive electrical tools in this section too.

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