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F H Brundle (Rainham)

  • Lamson Road,
  • Ferry Lane North
  • Rainham
  • Essex
  • United Kingdom
  • RM13 9YY (map)

  • Tel: 0843 775 7849
  • Fax: 01708 253550
  • Website: www.fhbrundle.co.uk


  • Michael Brundle, Director
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable

Anti Vandal Security Barrier Products

Anti Vandal Security Barrier Products

F H Brundle has a huge range of security fencing and anti vandal security barrier products available. The range includes Vandgard anti climb system, Raptor scaling barrier, security & decorative spikes.

We also have a range of anti vandal security products including APS hydraulic gate closers, stainless steel adjustable gate closers and anti climb barriers. This is just a snapshot of the range of anti vandal security barrier products that F H Brundle have.

For full details of our anti vandal security barrier products please visit the F H Brundle website.

Wrought Iron Components

Wrought Iron Components

F H Brundle has a comprehensive range of wrought iron components that are suited to both commercial and domestic uses. Our wrought iron components can be used both inside and in the outdoor environment.

We have over 3500 wrought iron components ranging from gates and railings to balustrades and balconies.

If you would like anymore information on our range of wrought iron components then please contact us or visit our website.

Expanded Perforated Metal

Expanded Perforated Metal

We are the largest perforated metal mesh distributor in the UK, stocking a wide range of perforated metal including:

  • Perforated zinc
  • Perforated aluminium
  • Perforated stainless steel sheets
  • Pre-galvanised perforated metal panels
  • Mild steel perforated panels

Our decorative perforated metal range comes in either brass, aluminium or mild steel with different sheet thickness, sizes, pitch and hole shapes.

Decorative perforation examples:  slotted-rounded ends, round / square holes and hexagonal patterns with either a round, square or staggered pitch.

For more information on Expanded Perforated Metal visit our website.

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

As the UK's leading welded wire mesh supplier we have a wide range of stock including:

Both domestic & industrial applications use weld mesh™. Our Security mesh can be used for machinery guards and window grilled in both factories & workshops. Welded wire mesh can also be used for:

  • Creepers
  • Plants
  • Animal care - kennel mesh, aviary and rabbit etc

Welded wire mesh can be utilised in:

  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Transportation

For more information on Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh please visit our website.

Wire Mesh Sections

Wire Mesh Sections

We stock a wide range of wire mesh sections:

  • 1830 x 3660mm 1"x 1"x 10g (6' x 12') Welded mesh self colour
  • 1830 x 3660mm 1"x 1"x 12g (6' x 12') Welded mesh self colour
  • 1830 x 3660mm 2"x 1"x 10g (6' x 12') Welded mesh self colour 
  • 1830 x 3660mm 2"x 1"x 12g (6' x 12') Welded mesh se3lf colour
  • 1830 x 3660mm 2"x 1"x 8g SELF COLOUR ( 6' x 12') Welded mesh 

To view our further range of wire mesh sections please visit our website.

Tube Clamp Fittings

Tube Clamp Fittings

We stock a wide range of galvanised plain-end tube in all lengths and diameters up to 6.5m.:

  • A Tube - 26.9mm diameter
  • B Tube - 33.4mm diameter
  • C Tube - 42.4mm diameter
  • D Tube - 48.3mm diameter
  • E Tube - 60.3mm diameter

For more information on tube clamp fittings

Expanded Mesh

Expanded Mesh

We stock a wide range of expanded metal mesh. Known in the UK as the largest supplier of expanded metals we stock in a range of grades:

  • Aluminium expanded sheets (1050)
  • Stainless steel panels (304)
  • Mild steel expanded mesh

The expanded metals we supply come as flattened mesh or raised mesh with a variation of thicknesses to suit the customer's needs.

For more information on expanded mesh.

Stainless Steel Railing Systems

Stainless Steel Railing Systems

Our range of pro-railing components are designed with the users in mind. Pro-railing components are available in stainless 304 for internal use and stainless 316 for external.

Our balustrade & handrail system has over 1000 components; this allows quick installation of attractive & complex balustrade & handrail systems.

For more information on stainless steel railing systems please visit our website.

Steel Post Boxes

Steel Post Boxes

Our profile of cigarette bins & post boxes are suitable for industrial & residential environments, ranging in excellent quality & stylish design.

Our front opening small & large post boxes can be prepared in cast aluminium or steel, both designed for wall or post mounting. We also stock top opening & rear opening post boxes & newspaper boxes.

For more information on steel post boxes please visit our website.

Gate Automation Equipment

Gate Automation Equipment

We are the leading CAME UK distributor of gate automation equipment, supplying a comprehensive profile of electric gate openers & system accessories.

We stock a vast profile of electric gate openers for sliding & swing gates, both suitable for residential & industrial applications.

Gate automation systems also offer a genuine solution to security issues by creating a protective barrier around premises perimeters and with our wide range of accessories, gates can be fully automated, allowing easier and more convenient access control.

For more information on gate automation equipment please visit our website.

Cantilever Sliding Gate Parts

Cantilever Sliding Gate Parts

Our cantilever sliding gate parts are suitable for a wide range of industrial sliding doors and are robust and designed to last. The sliding door hardware is appropriate for doors weighing 75 kilos to a tonne and suitable for many sliding door systems such as:

  • Small domestic doors
  • Commercial doors
  • Industrial doors
  • Agricultural doors

For more information on cantilever sliding gate parts please visit our website.

Galvanised Tube Clamps

Galvanised Tube Clamps
The galvanised tube clamps we produce have a weather resistant finish and we stock a range of polyester powder coated colours.
We design our tube clamps with the user in mind. If you are tightening grub screws or joining galvanised tubes all you need is an allen or ratchet key; the job will only take seconds. 
For more information on our galvanised tube clamps please visit our website.

Anti Vandal Security Barrier Products

Anti Vandal Security Barrier Products

For more information on anti vandal security barrier products please visit our website.

We provide a comprehensive range of anti-climb systems to meet the customer's requirements.

Our fence spikes include:

  • Vangard
  • Anti-scaling barriers
  • Prikka strips
  • Security spikes

All can be designed to match appearance & security fence options.

Wrought Iron Components

Wrought Iron Components
The range of wrought iron components we stock enables fabricators, blacksmith and metalworkers to create high quality wrought irons at a low cost. Wrought iron components can be found in both the home and commercial environment inside and out.
Wrought iron:
  • Collars
  • Scrolls
  • Spheres
  • Railheads
  • Bars
  • Spearpoints
  • Bushes

For more information on wrought iron components please visit our website.

FH Brundle

For more information on FH Brundle in any of our locations please contact us.

Head Office:

F.H. Brundle

24-36 Lamson Road

Ferry Lane North



RM13 9YY



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Steel Wire

Steel Wire

F H Brundle is one of the original and last remaining Steel Wire Wholesalers stocking a wide variety of steel wire and steel wire rope. Our range includes Mild Drawn Copper Coated and Hard Drawn Copper Coated steel wire, both of which are available in coils and straight lengths, Galvanised Wire and Black Annealed Tying Wire are available in coils. Tying Wire and Strand Wire are available either galvanised or stainless steel and PVC Line Wire in green and black.

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