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Action Staff recruitment = Fixed Fee Recruitment - As you are fully aware there are various methods available when it comes to attracting professional candidates to your vacancies. These methods include print advertising, recruitment agencies, internal referrals and online advertising.

Key benefits to you:

• Save up to 75% on traditional fees
• Straight forward pricing with no effort needed trying to negotiate lower affordable rates.
• Simply effective and clear budgeting for your business
• No payment or an invoice statement required until your new employee starts work!
• No needless contracts to sign
• No extra advertising costs for you

Action Staff Recruitment Agency, we fully understand the time and effort that’s involved when looking for new staff that’s why we’re here to help, make this process as smooth as possible. That 's is why Action Staff Recruitment is now operating in several sectors not just the Accountancy or IT markets.
By working with you we will undertake to supply you with the most suitable, competent and matching candidate to join your organisation whatever business you are involved in.

At Action Staff Recruitment Agency the core of our business lies in sourcing and providing good quality recruitment or staffing services to businesses in London, the South East and Hertfordshire.

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