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To respond to escalating energy cost, organisations will need to improve their energy efficiency. Retrofit measures will be vital in this process considering that 60% of today’s non-domestic buildings will still exist in 2050. Heating, cooling and ventilation systems are responsible for over 50% of carbon emissions in non-domestic buildings and are largely impacted by the performance of the buildings windows.

Traditionally, window films are used to reduce summer cooling requirements. Low-e window films also reduce heat loss in winter, providing a true “All Season” solution than can significantly reduce total building energy consumption, often by more than 10%. This product is a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and has the benefit of reducing your costs

The Key Benefits of using Energy Saving Film are:

  • Fast paybacks
  • Cost and carbon savings in every season
  • 'Always on’ passive technology
  • Significant savings over product lifetime
  • Improved employee comfort, productivity and performance
  • UV reduction protects employees health
  • Compatible with modern high efficiency lighting

For more information regarding potential savings for key building types or for a free Energy Saving Assessment of your building, please contact a member of our team on 01752 252583 or email us on

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