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An AIT data centre audit provides a detailed report which is based on the EU Code of Conduct for data centre best practice. The report, based on our data centre audit, will have the key findings represented graphically.

Our data centre audit is based on a physical inspection of the server rooms, non-intrusive temperature readings and an assessment of the requirements of the users needs and the IT and facilities teams.

As part of our data centre audit and compliance with the code of conduct for best practice we:

  • Promote the code of conduct and best practices
  • Provide products and services to data centre owners, operators and consultants that are energy efficient.
  • Present and calculate energy efficient reports

Auditing your data centre will improve the efficiency and reduce costs as well as validating best practice and it will meet carbon reduction targets.

Our audit will make recommendations and improvements in many areas such as cooling, airflow management, power capacity and many more. Talk to us today to find out more.

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