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The Andover range of concentrated load trailers offer configurations from the tandem axle 28t gross trailer up to the five axle 95t gross trailer. Andover step frame trailers have a reputation for low unladen weight, strength and stability, with a very high resale value in the used market. With larger machines being carried on step frame trailers, this range has been designed and constructed as a four member frame trailer to give strength for loading wide machines, and benefit from continuous inner members for strength when loading over the rear.

Peripheral necks are used to maximise the lower deck length which gives Andover the longest lower deck length when operating in overall length limits. We offer two types of extendible trailer, the standard continental centre spine trailer and the stronger outer box extender. Although the outer box trailer does not extend as far as the centre spine trailer it is stronger and serves as a better plant trailer. Uses for this range of trailer can vary from bodied forklift trailers, to pavers and rollers, access machines, excavators, planers, and military tanks and equipment. Another variation on two of the models is the semi sloper, which is ideal for pavers and rollers where more use of the full deck space can be used.

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