Applegate for buyers

Meet the Appleate team

Applegate provides a quick, easy and free means to get quotes for the things you need to buy for your organisation.

Just complete a short form, and our system will allocate relevant suppliers. If they can meet your need, they will respond with details enabling you to compare different offers and select which one you want. You can then either issue a Purchase Order at the press of a button, or pick up the discussion direct with the supplier to agree further details.

Applegate works on a ‘supplier pays’ model: suppliers pay an annual subscription to have details of the goods and services they provide in our database. The system is completely free to the buyer, nor we do charge suppliers per transaction, nor take a percentage of the value.

Our system uses a number of factors to identify which suppliers may suit your request. In conjunction with the Institute for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Exeter we are developing advanced machine learning systems which will continually improve this matching, using feedback from buyers and suppliers and the outcome of the request for the system to learn and adapt. Our artificial intelligence development is supported by Innovate UK.

Buyers can also use the advanced search function to identify suppliers that may meet their needs and contact them directly. The database contains millions of products from thousands of suppliers, and it can be used to search based on suppliers nearby, the accreditations they hold, turnover and number of years trading.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the system, please request a callback.

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