Applegate for suppliers

Applegate for Suppliers

For suppliers, Applegate provides a means to gain visibility with actual buyers, the opportunity to respond directly when they are seeking quotes in order to make a purchase and in addition data on market activity in your sector.

Suppliers select which business categories are relevant to them, and then for a flat annual subscription:

  • Maintain a microsite on, with details of their company, products and services, contact details and corporate news – buyers searching Applegate’s database use these pages to review potential suppliers;
  • Receive and respond to quote requests in the categories they’ve selected;
  • Receive analysis of activity within their sector, including guidance as to the position of their pricing in the market.

Buyers make thousands of Requests For Quotation (RFQs) through Applegate every year, ranging from small orders or prototypes to major ongoing contracts.

Rather than making RFQs available to all suppliers to respond to, Applegate matches suppliers to each request. This means that buyers receive a manageable number of responses, and suppliers know that their work in preparing a quote is worthwhile, that it will be reviewed against a reasonable number of others. Suppliers also do not need to spend time searching a database of opportunities: RFQs are notified direct to their inboxes.

To receive information on market activity via Applegate register for free here, or to join the Applegate Supplier Network, click here.