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Water Jet Cutting - At Aquacut we use high pressure water jet cutting and abrasive jet cutting technology to achieve industry leading standards of quality and finish. We have skill and experience cutting a wide variety of materials including stone, tiles, metals, composites, plastics, and rubber.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting;

  • Water Jet cutting is a versatile cutting process with several advantages over alternative cutting methods, these include:
  • Water jet cutting can be used to machine a diverse range of materials, including heat-sensitive materials, delicate materials, hard materials and even some brittle materials.
  • Unlike other machining methods, water jet cutting doesn’t produce heat damage to the surface or edges of the machined piece.
  • On the majority of cuts, a taper of less than 1 degree can be achieved. This can further be reduced or eliminated by reducing the speed of the cutting process.
  • If a high quality of finish is required, the water cutting can simply be slowed down to significantly improve the finish of the cut.



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