Introducing The Titan-2 Pumping System - Unique Octagonal Sump Shape

21 May 2012

The Titan-2 is a basic pumping system incorporating:

  • an octagonal sump chamber
  • class leading pumps
  • lock & seal lid and frame
  • high water level alarm
  • internal pipe-work, one way valves and 
  • quick release shut-off valve for quick release of the pumps for servicing. 

The sump can be used with single pumps or twin pumps via a single discharge line. The unique octagonal sump shape ensures structural stability and provides eight large surfaces for inlets into the pump of up to 110mm via an optional wall flange. The sump chamber also features a flared base to prevent flotation. As a fully built system, the Titan-2includes all internal pipe and pipe fittings ready for 50mm discharge pipe.

Extended Footing Means Easier Installation

A key advantage of this style of chamber over the original Titan is that it has an extended footing around the bottom circumference meaning you no longer need to fit coach bolts to secure it against vertical movement due to potential water pressure. It also has flat sides making it easier to fit pipework through the chamber wall. Its design is intended to work in conjunction with the recessed manhole style lid and can accept various finished into the recessed tray of the lid such as tiles, screed, wooden floor etc.

Less Digging Required

The volume of this chamber is equivalent to the original Titan but it is shorter so there is less digging involved to install the chamber into the ground. Please see the dimensions drawing on the datasheet.

The Titan-2 is ideal for the removal of water from cellars and basements, and the collection and pumping of surface water

The Titan 2 has been designed by John Newton & Company and produced in the UK for the waterproofing of smaller basement areas.   The new improved design will allow for a cleaner and quicker installations for the same price as the original Titan” - Warren Muschialli, MD, John Newton & Company

Key Benefits of Titan-2

• Compatible with Newton NP and CP clean water pumps
• Fully built system includes all internal pipe and pipe fittings ready for 50mm discharge pipe.
• One-way valve for each pump included.
• Quick release coupling for each pump for easy installation and removal for servicing.
Newton PA50 High Water Level Alarmincluded.

Read More and Download Titan-2 Datasheet []

Submitted by:

Newton Waterproofing Systems

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