Web-based attacks double in 2013

06 Mar 2014

Companies concerned about the security of their IT infrastructure will no doubt read with some apprehension F-Secure Lab's report on the subject.

It revealed that web-based attacks in the second half of 2013 were twice that of the first part of the year, suggesting that this is a real and increasing problem for businesses.

The largest majority of attacks came in the form of technology that redirects your web browser to a malicious site, which accounted for 26 per cent of cases.

Next was the Conficker worm, which made up 20 per cent of incidents, and led to viruses on computers in over 200 countries.

Those companies that are increasingly reliant on mobile devices for their employees will no doubt be concerned to learn that there was an increasing number of threats on the Android platform.

In total, there were 804 new variants of viruses during last year, which is a huge increase on the 238 reported in 2012.

European-focused businesses will be keen to learn that of all the Android threats reported, just 15 per cent came from Europe and five per cent from the US.

The majority of cases detected were from Saudia Arabia (42 per cent) and India (33 per cent).

Businesses which run their software on Windows XP need to pay attention as the report says that with support for the operating system set to end in April 2014, security issues may arise.

IT for industry managers who do not update their systems will have to ensure they find a way to secure their platform.

The report stated that "some businesses will continue to use Windows XP throughout 2014, either due to contractual obligation, or because their customers do so and they need XP to provide support. In those situations, IT manager have their work cut out for them".

It seems clear that businesses must stay aware of potential threats and keep their systems as up to date as possible to avoid unnecessary security breaches.

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