NL109 - Bridge Amplifier

NL109 - Bridge Amplifier
  • Part code:6070-185
  • Price:POA

The NL109 Bridge amplifier replaces and improves upon the NL107 Recorder Amplifier which is no longer available. The NL109 is a DC amplifier suitable for making microelectrode recordings (e.g of field potentials) in conjunction with the NL100AK headstage or for making DC measurements with our NL61 or NL62 force transducers or other compatible transducers. The NL109 has a gain range of x1 to x5k, a HF cut filter from 0.3Hz to 30kHz and LF cut options of 0.1Hz, 10Hz or DC. An autozero button allows the baseline to be reset with a single press.

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