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Wireless Time Attendance Recorder

The Timy-Tel Time Recorder system is a new development for Time and Attendance Management. Based around a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, the Timy-Tel system offers a bright, easy to read display and Near Field Communictions for Employee Time Registration.

Clocking-in Card

Staff clock-in and clock-out by passing their ID-Badge into the side of the Timy-Tel. Clocking 'time stamps' are registered on the Timy-Tel Time Recorder with the touch-screen displaying '(Badge No.) AA11 Registered'.


The clocking data file is sent by e-mail to your Time & Attendance system administrator at a scheduled time every day, week or month. This file is used to automatically update all Employee Timesheets at the press of a software key.

Battery Operated Time Attendance Recorder

The Timy-USB Time Recorder system is a unique battery operated Time and Attendance System which is cable-free and does not require professional installation services. The Timy-USB battery powered Time Recorder is ideal for locations without permanent AC power.

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