525,600 minutes. That’s how long a year is. Which doesn’t sound too long at all, and I’ll be the first to admit that this year has flown by!

From visiting and speaking in Parliament in January, to presenting to the Applegate board of directors in March (a day before my 21st birthday no less!), to completing the Level 5 Chartered Manager NVQ in August and graduating with a 2:1 foundation degree in October, its been a busy one to say the least.

The amount of opportunities I’ve had this year, upon reflection, have been extraordinary and its all thanks to the Workplace Degree programme.

I’ve gained so much confidence and other vital skills throughout these 3 years and have taken on more and more roles and responsibilities within the Finance department which are helping me to expand my knowledge of the business.

Its true that no two days are the same and the support I’ve had from my colleagues, especially when working a near full-time job, whilst juggling studies and life itself, is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

I would 110% recommend this scheme to anyone who doesn’t think the residential university route is for them (I was one of them!) and wants to instead ‘get stuck in’ with gaining 5 years of relevant work experience, whilst still having the opportunity to study and gain a degree in Business Management and 2 professional management qualifications.

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