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Our network of 60,000 registered buyers visit Applegate at the precise moment they are looking to make a purchase. What do they want? Well, just as if they were using a search engine or phone book; many buyers are seeking to obtain multiple quotes for any one product or service – and raising a Request for Quotation allows for multiple responses from different suppliers. The distinct benefit of Applegate, our free eProcurement tool for buyers, is that these multiple quotations are gathered in one place for easy comparison; promoting cost and quality leadership – as well as the integrated tools beneficial for buyers.

We want to make sure the buying is as easy as possible. That’s why we have made several changes over recent months.

A New Feature for Buyers:

In addition to existing benefits – including being able to raise a Purchase Order, close your own request and more; there is one distinct addition to Applegate Buyer Tools.

Compare Responses

Applegate’s ‘Compare Responses’ tool enables price-led buyers to compare the prices quoted by suppliers – further saving time and hassle in the purchasing process and allowing one to gauge an initial idea on quotations.

Additional Benefits & Features for Suppliers:

Free Trial

Every business offers a product or a service. Our ‘Free Trial’ now offers email alerts to businesses who would be interested in joining Applegate – showcasing the RFQs in your sector. Now, you really can ‘try before you buy’. When you see a request you’d like to quote on, sign up online or speak to a member of the in-house Team – it really is that simple.  Try it here today 

Fixed IP Tracking

We know that, despite their volume and frequency, RFQs only account for c3% of activity on the site. Huge levels of business activity can be put down to the 10,000 searches made on Applegate every day. Using Fixed IP Tracking, in tandem with our Analytics Facility, we now provide the names of businesses who have visited your Applegate Content (with a Fixed IP).

Multiple Responses

We understand that sometimes, quoting isn’t cut and dry for suppliers, and that often you may wish to provide various options to your potential client. That’s why we now facilitate the provision of ‘Multiple Responses’ – meaning you can provide the choice your customer needs. Of course, our ‘Communications tab’ still allows for prior communication to enable suppliers to get the information they need.

New Pricing Structure

Applegate’s headline change for new suppliers is the New Pricing Structure. Our Category Subscription is based on the products and services you offer, calculating a price for the categories you opt for – based on the historic volume and value of requests. So, unlike other services – you really do ‘get what you pay for’ and nothing less.

New Benefits & Features for all Applegate Users:

Chat Bot

Available 24/7, our new ‘Chat Bot’ brings several benefits.

  1. In addition to manually submitting an RFQ Form, buyers can now submit a Request for Quotation any time, day or night – via Chat Bot. So, for all those work-aholics; Applegate’s services are available at the click of a button.
  2. Suppliers can also sign up for the new ‘Free Trial’ via Chat Bot.
  3. We realise that things can get busy – so you can now use Chat Bot to book a telephone appointment with a relevant member of the team, choosing a date and time convenient for you.

New Task Force Teams

Whether you are a Supplier or Buyer – Applegate has new, dedicated Account Management Teams for you.

Buyers – our Account Managers will be here to help raise, monitor and close requests for quotation; helping every step along the way.

Suppliers – Our Client Services Team has dedicated members to help you respond to RFQs and will be following up to keep you in the loop with all the latest opportunities.

So, in the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation fostered by all here at Applegate – we are proud to bring you the latest batch of updates, seeking to improve your experience.

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