Enterprise eProcurement for the many, not just for the few

Applegate PRO has been a game-changer for many buyers.

Faced with overly complicated and cumbersome legacy eProcurement solutions and restrictive supplier choices, buyers from organisations as diverse as the NHS, British Airways and NATO have been choosing the simplicity of Applegate PRO. Simplicity that allows them to raise Quotation Requests in minutes, and to delegate the selection of best-suited suppliers to Applegate’s Sourcing Team. Simplicity that makes it possible to apply principles of best-practice procurement to even low-value purchasing requirements.

Applegate PRO Enterprise now extends these benefits at a corporate level. The same simple interfaces, the same time-saving support, but this time with the ability for a Head of Procurement to enable as many buyers as the organisation has, with the capability to raise as many quotation requests as it needs. User account creation and management comes as part of the package and aggregated reporting gives visibility of long-tail purchasing across the organisation.

And like Applegate PRO it’s free! No license fees, no need for costly support. It even comes in a branded form, so buyers can operate in a familiar environment with their own logo and colour palette.

And because it’s free, any organisation of any size can afford it!

If you’d like a demo, just drop us an email – enquiries@applegate.co.uk. If you like the look of it, we can have a fully branded instance set up for your organisation within 24 hours. And we’ll train your users how to get the best out of it. (Sorry to be repetitive, but that’s free as well.)

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