Applegate stands amongst the Big Players at Smart Factory Expo.

More and more, the mass market is turning into a mass of niches. Smart Factory Expo brought together those in the Manufacturing industry with their own Unique Selling Points this November at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre. Applegate was one of these very exhibitors in attendance; promoting Applegate PRO as a free to use sourcing and e-procurement solution for suppliers and buyers alike.

Columbus bought the Cortana Intelligence Suite to the table – the one-stop-shop for ERP, CRM, Automation & Analytics. It was fascinating to see an integrated, streamlined solution which goes a step further than other solutions; translating data into valuable insights. Siemens showcased the capabilities of Virtual Reality in a range of industries – from construction to manufacturing and training to maintenance. We also enjoyed discussions with universities; who were interested in the Applegate Workplace Degree programme – an initiative with six employees enrolled, all on their way to gaining a Business & Management degree plus two further management qualifications. As a company conscious of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Applegate were pleased to see the work of two companies increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact in doing so. Entrade, for instance, provide solutions which generate clean, carbon-neutral power where-ever you are.

Be it as a buyer or a supplier, attendees were pleased to hear of the free; non-obligatory service we provide to buyers and both the number and quality of quotation requests we provide for our supplier base. Standing alongside the big thinkers in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Contemporary Manufacturing; Applegate stood out to a number of attendees for its innovative and forward thinking nature that brings a unique service to market.

As I’m sure is evident, Smart Factory Expo undoubtedly serves as a platform for innovation, modernisation & kaizen – continuous improvement in industry. The evidence of this at every turn was unquestionable here in Liverpool this week.

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