Applegate is a Technology Business. Now, as much as that means complicated code and experienced employees – it can also mean communicative confusion amongst the, ahem, more experienced among us. So, take this as a hint, I mean some handy hints, rather - as to how you can ‘get down with the kids’. Here’s our top 10:

Streak – No Dorris, put your clothes back on – this does not mean ‘to strip off’. This is not an extreme version of the Ice Bucket Challenge we saw in back in 2014. The rise of the smart phone has seen the rise of Social Media, such as Snapchat. A snap streak means that you and one of your snapchat friends have both ‘snapped’ each other a picture for at least 3 consecutive days. As the number of days grows, so does your streak.

Slide into your DMs – Sorry Robert, we aren’t referring to the Dr Martens you donned as a rocker in the 60s. We mean ‘Direct Message’ – the term used so often online to mean a message within the platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or otherwise.

It’s lit – Don’t worry, your laptop is not on fire, boss. I just meant that those new wireframes looked cool.

Squad – You can forget having teams or departments, Managing Director. Oh no, it’s now a ‘squad’. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to form a 4-4-2 formation in your sales department, it’s actually a sign that your team get on well.

Ghost – Not getting a reply to your email, Mary? Me too. Don’t worry, we’re being ghosted – it means to be purposefully ignored. We’ll be fine, just don’t get salty…

Salty – To be bitter about something or someone doing, or not doing something. Like that email, Mary. Kind Regards? Pfff, *changes to ‘Regards*.

Yeet – If your boss replies “yeet” when you ask for the afternoon off, you’re in for a treat. It’s a very strong yes. The higher the number of Es, the greater the enthusiasm. Because, apparently, the word ‘yes’ wasn’t long enough.

Boujee – Even Karl Marx can’t escape the slang of 2019. Is your team getting boujee on sales bonusses? You guessed it – they’re getting rich.

Filters – Nope, not the cheap coffee served at your local networking group on a dreary Thursday morning. We’re referring to  the pre-set changes that give photos, and particularly selfies, that all important glow.

So there we are. 9 terms to add to your 2019 dictionary. Any questions? Hmu on Snap…

Oh! Just one more:

TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read. Hopefully, you’ve read this and I haven’t fallen into this trap, If not you will never know, your loss!

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