Are you feeling ‘mugged off’ by your current suppliers? Not sure you’re ‘coupled up’ with the right supply partners? You’re here to meet the right match for you and need to ‘play the field’ and ‘get to know everyone’. Believe it or not, finding love is like finding the products and services you need. Love Island is like Procurement.

It’s tricky to find the right match from the get go.
Like Love Island’s Alex having to kiss a few frogs before he met the right islander for him, Applegate PRO will introduce you to several suppliers – allowing you to find the right one for you. 

Stick to what you value.
With Eyal valuing a positive aura and Dani appreciating Jack’s caring nature, they’ve stuck to what they value. As a buyer, it’s important to you that suppliers can provide what you’re looking for. Price, turnaround time, quality, or otherwise; Applegate PRO provides you with a handful of suppliers, each with their own benefits. It’s down to you to get to know suppliers and discover if they tick all your boxes.

Remember that you’re in a strong position.
Whether it’s the ladies or gents picking who they’d like to couple up with around the fire pit, it’s always the one’s choosing that are in control. In the days leading up to that point, they’ve been able to build a rapport and relationships, choose partners, negotiate, and renegotiate. The same can be said of you as a buyer, having ‘pick of the bunch’ when it comes to suppliers.
Like Porter’s Forces of Industry Rivalry, Bargaining Power of Suppliers; Bargaining Power of Buyers; the Threat of New Entrants; and the Threat of Substitutes play a huge role in the supply and demand process and prove highly comparable to the procurement method. Another comparison is, of course, Love Island. New entrants are always likely to turn a few heads, other islanders will often get attention from those in unhappy couples, but it all comes down to who has the greatest power in the villa. 

A bit of effort can reap a big reward.
With a £50k prize pot each year, a marriage and a baby; Love Island is a great example that highlights time and effort within a simple process can reap great rewards. 
Here at Applegate, all we ask is for you to provide details of your request, keep an eye on pricing & liaise with suppliers via Applegate PRO. In return, we’ll aim to streamline your procurement process – providing you multiple quotes from a number of suppliers. 

Of course, there can only be one winner. Who will it be? 
Find out by kick-starting your sourcing process with Applegate PRO today.

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