I always felt that University was the correct route for me, I later realised it was the qualification I wanted and not the debt. Initially Apprenticeships never appealed to me, I thought it was only to get a trade under your belt. I then discovered Degree Apprenticeships. I'd spoken to people who had recently finished their degrees and they struggled to get 'degree worthy' jobs. I believe this is because businesses much prefer experience to theory.

Previously, I studied Applied Business, Sociology, Psychology and maths at A-level. My hobbies include skateboarding, going to events and socialising with friends. In the long term I’d like to build a career in management, eventually moving into a senior role. I think the work-based Degree Programme is perfect for that. I am given responsibility early on and this gives me real experience which could never be taught in a classroom.

Now, on the Apprenticeship scheme, I am earning whilst I learn. This allows me to attain a degree alongside 5 years of experience. I come from Plymouth, but after becoming fixated with a Degree Apprenticeship I accepted that staying at home wasn't going to be possible. I found out about Applegate when speaking to a Petroc lecturer at an Apprenticeship fair. I soon jumped on this opportunity being much closer to home than other suggestions and here I am.

Moving to Barnstaple was a big step for me, I left behind my friends and family in pursuit of a new career. Although only one week deep I’m enjoying my time here and feel valued. My team has some great banter and I’m kept busy. I’m looking forward to what the next 5 years holds and to develop my skills and knowledge. I think this style of learning works best for me as I am a practical learner, this allows me to learn something one day and implement it the next. I believe this allows for a better overall understanding and a lot more satisfaction in the workplace.

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