4 years into Applegate’s Degree Apprenticeship scheme and it is fair to say that not only have I learnt and developed a plethora of new skills, I have grown as a person.

For the last 2 years I have taken on a HR role after transitioning from the marketing department. Within my HR role I have the huge responsibility of managing the recruitment for the Apprenticeship Scheme as well as dealing with HR matters within the company. Managing the recruitment process has given me great flexibility to introduce my own ideas and challenges me to recruit a diverse range of candidates from across the country that I believe will bring both value and enthusiasm to the business.

Alongside my HR role I am involved in the buyer management team - we are in charge of delivering a good level service to the buyers of our system and building relationships to encourage them that we are their go to procurement portal for their purchasing needs. I deliver both training and mentoring to the buyer management team which helps with my HR progression and the development of my leadership skills.

The company provides me with opportunities that I wouldn’t get if I was to of gone to residential university which I believe is essential to the success of my career. During my apprenticeship I will gain 5 years of invaluable work experience as well as 2 recognised management qualifications and an honours Degree in Business and Management, this apprenticeship is a brilliant stepping stone in to pursuing my career aspirations and would recommend to anyone.


Oh, and if you're looking for an Apprenticeship, you know where I am! (hr@applegate.co.uk ...)

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