Hello my name is Leah, prior to starting the workplace degree with Applegate I was a student at Petroc College. During my time at Petroc I studied Business and achieved a Level 2 Certificate and Level 3 Extended Diploma Business. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and socialising with my friends.

I heard about The Business Management Apprenticeship programme through my college lecturers, the opportunity to study towards a degree whilst in a workplace was amazing to me as I felt I wanted to continue studying but wouldn’t have gained the experience or confidence I needed studying in college alone.

I never considered going to University or studying towards a degree in the past due to the debt and having to move away from my family and friends. I felt that being in full time education wasn’t going to help me anymore and I needed to move forward into a workplace to help me develop my skill set further. 

I’m currently working within the Account Executive department at Applegate and have undertaken the role of an Account Executive. Our job is to make sure that all accounts are set up at their best and are running effectively. An Account Executives Job role Is to make sure all clients are happy with the campaign they are running with Applegate, we make sure all details are correct, make any updates and answer any queries that clients may have while with Applegate.

Overall, I’m looking forward to studying my Business Management Degree as I will gain more experience in a working environment as well as studying one day a week towards achieving my degree, rather than just being at college everyday this will help me gain a better understanding of how to adapt within a working business and use knowledge already attained in the workplace towards my University Degree. 

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