Applegate would like to wish all who use our platform, buyers and suppliers, along with our colleagues and partners, a very Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a wonderful 2019 ahead.

The Applegate system will remain live throughout the festive season, although our offices will be closed from 1pm GMT 21st December through to 8.30am, 2nd January. In the event of any urgent queries, please contact

Here's a poem to go accompany our Christmas wishes. 


A festive verse

Seems a new tradition

A Christmas rhyme

Comes into fruition


Applegate have had

A wonderful year

Left our decade long home

And now we are here


Our new home

For many years to come

A procurement power hub

A bundle of fun


We have new family members

Young and, less so

Into both Sales & Marketing

Our new colleagues go


We’ve saved businesses money,

Hassle and time

Reviewing archaic purchasing processes

Bringing them up to time


Doing our bit for charity,

For local business too

Of course helping our clients

Decades old and relatively new


As 2018 draws to a close

We reflect on a successful year

We do, of course

Let out a festive cheer


Today we’ll dine together

A modest but well earned meal

Catch up with one another

Spot the dance floor near


So as we break for Christmas

Reflecting on a truly successful year

We wish you the best for 2019

And a Christmas filled with cheer


Merry Christmas!


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