New year, new you? Boring.

Yes, we get it – you’re becoming a Mongolian Buddhist monk who eats only vegan produce and practices yoga twice a day. You’re going to ‘better yourself’ this 2019. But why not the same for your business?

With almost 50% of westerners setting New Years Resolutions, seeking a squeaky-clean lifestyle in one way or another, we thought it was about time businesses received the same sort of TLC. It is about time businesses save money by sourcing smarter and buying better.

So, I did a bit of digging, and what I found was quite the ray of sunshine.

Through implementing procurement practices, businesses really can save cash; day in, day out.

But where’s the evidence? Well, I’ve thrown just a few examples below. From office consumables to vehicle leasing and engineering to marketing – you could be paying well over the going rate.

So, when you’re ready, drop me an email and I’ll see where your business can save money.

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