How Ironic – Britain are prominent in Europe at the moment (football wise, that is). We’re having a fair bit of success on the continent. When it comes to the European Parliamentary Elections here in the UK, the UK is split on its voting and indeed the interpretation of the results. Do we want in, do we want out? I’ll leave that to the politically inclined amongst you. Meanwhile, one thing is certain in Europe.

There will be two Champions of Europe this year in Europe – in terms of football at least.

Tottenham or Liverpool will take the crown from the prestigious Champions League and Arsenal or Chelsea from the, ahem, slightly less prestigious Europa League. So, whilst our skill and teamwork may have been more Torquay United than Tottenham Hotspur (sorry guys) – its safe to say that two teams from the UK will be flying the flag for Britain on the continent, with two guaranteed winners from England.

So, what have we learnt? Three things, really.


  • Consistency isn’t always key.

With Tottenham facing a host of injuries across the Champions League Campaign, it was Lucas Moura who came to the rescue time and time again – not exactly top of Spurs’ squad list.

I wonder if, in terms of business, it shows that when given a chance – the underdog can step up to the plate.


  • Money does help, but it isn’t everything.

Sure, Liverpool have got to the CL Final with an estimated value of in excess of £140m, and spent c£156m n the 17/18 season. But, title competitors Tottenham Hotspur? Sweet nothing. Zero. Zilch.

It shows two different approaches to recruitment and retention – heavy investment in recruitment, and spending time and resource improving the skill and talent within the existing team.

Translated to business, we could say the exact same.

Some companies adopt a strategy of buying in new, talented team members. Others build upon what they have.


  • Management is vital.

Be it Pochettino’s Blue & White Army or Jurgen Klopp with the Reds, one thing is for sure – management style has been clear, consistent and utterly motivational. It is, arguably, largely down to that management that these two teams have made it to the creme de la crème of football competitions.

The same applies at work – those managers who come with us on the journey, those who realise the vision and go with you on the journey – are the ones who prove most successful.


So, at a time where the UKs leadership on the continent has been questioned, and the strength of our offering somewhat weakened; we have one thing to cling onto – the footie.

Perhaps we should allow Jurgen Klopp to handle Brexit negotiations from here?...

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