Hello, my name is Jon Loates, I started here at Applegate nearly 2 years ago back in January 2016. When I started the “Applegate Academy”, a scheme run by Applegate to give quality work experience to business students by spending one day a week in their business for 16 weeks. This quickly became far more significant than I realised when I started, leading onto part-time work and then into the degree apprenticeship a year ago.

I started the workplace degree programme in the Content department, who are responsible for adding the information to the Applegate site. I was quickly welcomed into the team and always looked forward to coming to work. Initially I felt pessimistic for starting college as I was unsure whether I would enjoy the course but after a few weeks my mind swiftly changed because of modules I found interesting such as economics and accounting.

After spending 11 months in the Content department I was given an option, which I accepted to move to the Marketing department and help run a new marketing automation system that the company would be using. Initially I was apprehensive about moving departments as I really enjoyed my work and being with the other people in the team; which has always been important for me. I feel like I made the correct decision to switch to marketing as I have settled into the team well, enjoy the new challenges the role is presenting and really feel that I can further my career within the department.

Within Applegate I am constantly learning new skills and have also recently been made Premises Manager which has kept me busy. I’m hoping that in the next 4 years I can build upon what I have already achieved both within Applegate and at College.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Applegate so far and am very keen to keep progressing and bettering myself as an employee of Applegate.

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