Since last year’s launch, buyers from over 2,500 companies and organisations have used Applegate PRO to receive competitive quotes.

What is it about Applegate PRO that’s causing buyers to put their faith in this new eSourcing solution? From the buyer’s perspective there are five major factors and we’ve arranged these in what they tell us is the order of importance:

  1. It means they don’t have to spend countless hours researching suppliers to invite to quote
  2. Suppliers invited to quote are generally very responsive, so they can get multiple quotes very quickly, usually within a couple of days
  3. Because the responses come in through the system, they have a complete audit trail for every quotation request, to prove they followed process
  4. It’s very easy to use
  5. It’s free and there’s no commitment – they can use it as much or as little as they need to.

So, what is it about point number 1. In particular that puts it at the top of buyers’ lists?

When you raise a quotation request in Applegate PRO, you don’t need to specify any suppliers at all. Based on the detail of your quotation request, Applegate’s Sourcing Team will select suppliers from the thousands of companies in our Supplier Network that are best matched to your requirement, and it’s these suppliers that will be invited to quote.

It takes as little as five minutes for a buyer to raise an average quotation request. Our Sourcing Team will get onto it immediately, and suppliers have a similarly easy-to-use process to respond with a quote. You get notified as the quotations come in and they’re in a standard format, making it easy to compare them.

Michelle El-Din from KME Specialist Recruitment Ltd recently reported:

Applegate Marketplace Ltd were really helpful and I now have the exact product I was seeking only 2 days after my initial request and at a great price.”

So next time you’re looking to buy for your business, give Applegate PRO a go and let us know how it works for you. Just tell us what you need and when you need it by and sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. You won’t have to wait long.

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