Hello, my name is Jamie and before I started my apprenticeship at Applegate Marketplace, I completed my creative & digital media apprenticeship at a local business which gave me a real taste of what it's like to work full time and to continue my learning whilst doing so, this was a huge plus for me.

I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, this is very important to me. If you know me, you will then also know that I’m a big football fan. I support Manchester United and I play football for a local team, 'Taw Park FC'. Playing football is awesome because it keeps me fit and healthy, it has helped me form many friendships over the years and it has definitely helped my team-working and leadership skills which can be carried into many other aspects of life. For me, it really is 'the beautiful game'.   

At college, I realised that I wanted to work with computers and express my creativity. I chose to study Graphic Communication, Photography and I.T for my A Levels. This was where I discovered a love for graphic design. After passing my A Levels, I knew that I wanted to further my education, after digging deep I noticed that there weren't any opportunities to start working in the design industry at that time. A couple of my college lecturers suggested studying the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course, it took my interest and that was the next part of my journey! Upon the completion of my Foundation Diploma, an apprenticeship opportunity popped up at a cycling kit company which I went for, and loved. This was a great time for me to get a feel for working full time and to develop my design skills. 

Even after completing my Level 3 Apprenticeship, I still had the desire to learn more! I knew that the university route wasn't for me. With the debt, moving away from home and leaving my tightly-knit family that I love so much and close friends that I've grown up with – a  residential course wasn’t for me. Being able to apply what I was learning at college to the workplace appealed to me as I knew this would strengthen my understanding in a range of various areas. 

As soon as I saw the job vacancy appear at Applegate for a Business & Management Degree Apprentice, I knew instantly that was where I wanted to be. It was definitely an opportunity that I didn't want to miss out on! An opportunity for me to further my education by taking it up a level, an opportunity for growth, development and personally in relation to my career path.  

I am currently working in the marketing department of the company. In this department we listen to clients’ needs and promote the business through the sales of products or services. Just a week or so in and I am already getting to grips with social media management and the delivery of content, pulling reports together through various channels, video editing, promotional design and data cleansing. 

I am looking forward to the future with Applegate, and am happy to be working in a team that has a strong team-working ethic. I am confident that Applegate will give me some great and valuable work experience over the years to come and I'm looking to grow into a well-established team member that has even more to offer as time flies by.  

I am eager to start studying towards my Business Management degree, obtaining my degree on this course will help to expand the careers I can pursue in the future.    


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