1. Giving the classroom the boot

    Giving the classroom the boot

    Bradlee is our latest addition to the Applegate Workplace Degree Scheme. Read on to understand why he gave the classroom the boot and grabbed our apprenticeship opportunity.

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  2. We’d love to meet you!

    We’d love to meet you!

    Video is taking over social media and Applegate are part of the revolution! Get to know our team and the opportunities Applegate has for you by following and engaging with us today.

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  3. Churchill is a classicist

    Churchill is a classicist

    No, not Winston. Charlotte Churchill, Classics student at the University of Exeter, has been with us this week on Work Experience. Read on to hear a classicists view of market research and digital marketing. I know, what an eclectic mix.

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  4. Success in Europe

    Success in Europe

    With the battle for the keys to Number 10 getting underway, and a lack of clarity on Brexit, one thing in Europe is certain – two English teams will be crowned footie champions.

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  5. Intelligence in Business – a debrief.

    Intelligence in Business – a debrief.

    This week, Applegate hosted ‘Intelligence in Business’ – an event that aimed to broaden digital mindsets and save businesses time; money and hassle in the purchasing processes. Read on to find out more.

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  6. Don’t become a digital dinosaur.

    Don’t become a digital dinosaur.

    Warning! This week’s blog post poses serious risk of FOMO. Read on to find out more.

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  7. Applegate Academy Nears End

    Applegate Academy Nears End

    This weeks blog explores the benefits of The Applegate Academy – both to the business and to the students

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  8. Intelligence in Business – An Applegate Event

    Intelligence in Business – An Applegate Event

    Applegate are hosting an event on Intelligence in Business – we’d love to see you!

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  9. Applegate – the latest improvements.

    Applegate – the latest improvements.

    This week – we investigate the unique opportunity Applegate presents, with a particular focus on new features and benefits

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  10. #NAW19 – Celebrating Apprenticeships at Applegate

    #NAW19 – Celebrating Apprenticeships at Applegate

    In recognition of the eight fantastic apprentices here at Applegate, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. Read on to find out a little bit about our Workplace Degree Employees.

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  11. No deal? No Problem. We’ll be prepared.

    No deal? No Problem. We’ll be prepared.

    This week’s blog post looks at the top 3 points to understand about a ‘No Deal Brexit’ for businesses.

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  12. Inspiring innovation

    Inspiring innovation

    Applegate CEO Stuart Brocklehurst discusses his experiences of Pitch@Palace, a great innovation by HRH The Duke of York delivering an effective way both to support and encourage entrepreneurs and raise the profile of enterprise and the role it plays in benefiting broader society both in the UK and around the world.

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  13. Hit the road Jack

    Hit the road Jack

    Applegate attended one of the UKs premier industry exhibitions, Southern Manufacturing, to meet clients old and new, get up to speed on latest industry innovations and showcase its eProcurement solution. Jack Richards reviews the show here.

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  14. Rethinking higher education

    Rethinking higher education

    CEO Stuart Brocklehurst, Companion of the Chartered Institute for Management, and 4 of our Degree Apprentices, also on their way to Chartered Status; visited Parliament this week. Find out how the words of a Devon based SME made their way to a Parliamentary Reception, then into the House of Lords on a historic day for the nation.

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  15. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Applegate would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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  16. Oh deer, oh deer

    Oh deer, oh deer

    In the run up to Christmas, we have done a bit of research, and we wanted you to know about it….

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  17. CNC at the NEC

    CNC at the NEC

    This week, Applegate visited Advanced Engineering and as always; it didn’t disappoint. Read on to hear about our experiences meeting new suppliers, as well as catching up with old friends of ours.

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  18. End of an era

    End of an era

    After 20 years and certainly the end of an era, we will be moving to a new office from 29th October 2018

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  19. It’s all going swimmingly

    It’s all going swimmingly

    Phoebe who is currently in her second year of the Degree Programme discusses how her responsibilities have changed, how shes progressed and why it wasn't a decision to regret.

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  20. Jack of all trades

    Jack of all trades

    Employee of the Month Jack Richards discusses the highs and lows of his first year with Applegate, as Bruce used to say… "Didn’t he do well”.

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  21. Leah Enters Applegate House

    Leah Enters Applegate House

    Leah, a new recruit for our Workplace Degree Programme explains why the Degree Apprenticeship is perfect for expanding her skill set and growing her confidence.

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  22. Get what you pay for with Applegate Marketplace

    Get what you pay for with Applegate Marketplace

    Applegate has 20+ years’ experience in helping suppliers reach new customer markets, broadening supplier reach and helping build a loyal client base. With this blog post we hope to provide some insight into how we price our product, the benefits Applegate can provide for your business and how you can make the most of your subscription.

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  23. Fish out of water

    Fish out of water

    Introducing Jack Fish, one of Applegate’s new fresh faces. Read on for Jack’s round-up of being one of the First Workplace Degree Students to join our Account Executive Team.

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  24. Are you sourcing smartly?

    Are you sourcing smartly?

    Sourcing can be a timely & hassling process, meaning you have less time to do the work that is vital to your business. Applegate does the hard work for you - take a look at our guide to making a purchase in just five simple steps.

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  25. The idea of a civic university

    The idea of a civic university

    When Stuart Brocklehurst was a student, one of his favourite books was John Henry Newman’s ‘The Idea of a University’, the great paean to liberal education. He found himself reminiscing over this on Friday, at the launch of Plymouth University’s Economic and Social Impact Report.

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