1. The idea of a civic university

    The idea of a civic university

    When Stuart Brocklehurst was a student, one of his favourite books was John Henry Newman’s ‘The Idea of a University’, the great paean to liberal education. He found himself reminiscing over this on Friday, at the launch of Plymouth University’s Economic and Social Impact Report.

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  2. Find your match

    Find your match

    Are you feeling ‘mugged off’ by your current suppliers? Not sure you’re ‘coupled up’ with the right supply partners? Read on to find out how you can find your perfect match by using Applegate PRO, Love Island style.

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  3. Why Procurement is like the World Cup

    Why Procurement is like the World Cup

    Whether you love it or loathe it, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is finally here! So with all this in mind and the excitement growing, we thought we would take a slightly tongue in cheek look at the similarities between the World Cup and supplier selection in the procurement process.

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  4. Joining Applegate has never been so easy!

    Joining Applegate has never been so easy!

    Jack Richards our eCommerce Coordinator explains how the Applegate Shopping Cart allows you to get online and become an Applegate Supplier at the click of a button.

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  5. How is the economy really doing?

    How is the economy really doing?

    During a period of economic interest that is sweeping the nation, with Brexit featuring all over the news sphere; our CEO Stuart Brocklehurst explained his experiences this week with Macroeconomic discussions, held by the Bank of England’s agents. At the forefront of business and economic activities, Stuart Brocklehurst then had the opportunity to showcase the microeconomic climate and success of business in North Devon.

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  6. Is Applegate for you?

    Is Applegate for you?

    This week’s blog post looks at the experiences of Applegate suppliers, we’ve been pleased to hear of some fantastic stories, putting the millions of pounds of business to come via Applegate PRO this year, into real terms. Read on to learn more.

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