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  1. Applegate Apprentices visit Parliament

    Applegate Apprentices visit Parliament

    A group of Applegate apprentices took parliament by storm on the day of the Brexit vote, speaking to MPs, journalists and invited guests about the impact studying for a degree apprenticeship is making to their lives.

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  2. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Applegate would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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  3. Oh deer, oh deer

    Oh deer, oh deer

    In the run up to Christmas, we have done a bit of research, and we wanted you to know about it….

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  4. CNC at the NEC

    CNC at the NEC

    This week, Applegate visited Advanced Engineering and as always; it didn’t disappoint. Read on to hear about our experiences meeting new suppliers, as well as catching up with old friends of ours.

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  5. End of an era

    End of an era

    After 20 years and certainly the end of an era, we will be moving to a new office from 29th October 2018

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  6. It’s all going swimmingly

    It’s all going swimmingly

    Phoebe who is currently in her second year of the Degree Programme discusses how her responsibilities have changed, how shes progressed and why it wasn't a decision to regret.

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  7. Jack of all trades

    Jack of all trades

    Employee of the Month Jack Richards discusses the highs and lows of his first year with Applegate, as Bruce used to say… "Didn’t he do well”.

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  8. Leah Enters Applegate House

    Leah Enters Applegate House

    Leah, a new recruit for our Workplace Degree Programme explains why the Degree Apprenticeship is perfect for expanding her skill set and growing her confidence.

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  9. Get what you pay for with Applegate Marketplace

    Get what you pay for with Applegate Marketplace

    Applegate has 20+ years’ experience in helping suppliers reach new customer markets, broadening supplier reach and helping build a loyal client base. With this blog post we hope to provide some insight into how we price our product, the benefits Applegate can provide for your business and how you can make the most of your subscription.

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  10. Fish out of water

    Fish out of water

    Introducing Jack Fish, one of Applegate’s new fresh faces. Read on for Jack’s round-up of being one of the First Workplace Degree Students to join our Account Executive Team.

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  11. Are you sourcing smartly?

    Are you sourcing smartly?

    Sourcing can be a timely & hassling process, meaning you have less time to do the work that is vital to your business. Applegate does the hard work for you - take a look at our guide to making a purchase in just five simple steps.

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  12. The idea of a civic university

    The idea of a civic university

    When Stuart Brocklehurst was a student, one of his favourite books was John Henry Newman’s ‘The Idea of a University’, the great paean to liberal education. He found himself reminiscing over this on Friday, at the launch of Plymouth University’s Economic and Social Impact Report.

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  13. Find your match

    Find your match

    Are you feeling ‘mugged off’ by your current suppliers? Not sure you’re ‘coupled up’ with the right supply partners? Read on to find out how you can find your perfect match by using Applegate PRO, Love Island style.

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  14. Why Procurement is like the World Cup

    Why Procurement is like the World Cup

    Whether you love it or loathe it, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is finally here! So with all this in mind and the excitement growing, we thought we would take a slightly tongue in cheek look at the similarities between the World Cup and supplier selection in the procurement process.

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  15. Joining Applegate has never been so easy!

    Joining Applegate has never been so easy!

    Jack Richards our eCommerce Coordinator explains how the Applegate Shopping Cart allows you to get online and become an Applegate Supplier at the click of a button.

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  16. How is the economy really doing?

    How is the economy really doing?

    During a period of economic interest that is sweeping the nation, with Brexit featuring all over the news sphere; our CEO Stuart Brocklehurst explained his experiences this week with Macroeconomic discussions, held by the Bank of England’s agents. At the forefront of business and economic activities, Stuart Brocklehurst then had the opportunity to showcase the microeconomic climate and success of business in North Devon.

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  17. Is Applegate for you?

    Is Applegate for you?

    This week’s blog post looks at the experiences of Applegate suppliers, we’ve been pleased to hear of some fantastic stories, putting the millions of pounds of business to come via Applegate PRO this year, into real terms. Read on to learn more.

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  18. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

    If it’s not broken, why fix it?

    Jack Richards discusses the benefits of sourcing the products and services your business needs by using our free eProcurement tool, Applegate PRO.

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  19. Meet the Marketing Team

    Meet the Marketing Team

    This week we give you an insight in to who the Marketing team are, what they like and how much useless knowledge they have.

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  20. The Applegate Academy Experience

    The Applegate Academy Experience

    The Applegate Academy provides 12 weeks work experience to six Petroc Business students. In this time, they experience how the business works, and offers students the opportunity to rotate around departments within the business. Three of these Academy students describe their experience, and what they have learnt.

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  21. Machine Learning and a little bit of AI

    Machine Learning and a little bit of AI

    Machine Learning Professor, Richard Everson at the University of Exeter, visited Petroc to deliver a talk to Applegate Workplace Degree Students and Academy Students on Machine Learning and a little bit of AI.

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  22. New group launches to promote tech businesses in Northern Devon

    New group launches to promote tech businesses in Northern Devon

    Leading Internet pioneer and non-executive director of Barnstaple-based firm Applegate Professor Jim Norton spoke on the increasing threat of cyber crime and the steps necessary to address it at the Digital Northern Devon event.

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  23. Applegate Workplace Degree Programme

    Applegate Workplace Degree Programme

    As the summer term approaches for students, you may want to be thinking about the career path you want to take come September, we are delighted to offer the Applegate Workplace Degree Programme to study Business Management starting in September 2018.

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  24. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    As we approach the long Easter Weekend, we’re offering our free service to ensure you can enjoy the break knowing all the important items are crossed off your to-do list.

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  25. Independents Day

    Independents Day

    Last week, Applegate held one of our regular Board meetings. In addition to our executive directors and management team, we were joined by our independent directors: Lawrence Churchill our chair, and Professor Jim Norton.

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