1. Applegate Workplace Degree Programme

    Applegate Workplace Degree Programme

    As the summer term approaches for students, you may want to be thinking about the career path you want to take come September, we are delighted to offer the Applegate Workplace Degree Programme to study Business Management starting in September 2018.

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  2. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    As we approach the long Easter Weekend, we’re offering our free service to ensure you can enjoy the break knowing all the important items are crossed off your to-do list.

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  3. Independents Day

    Independents Day

    Last week, Applegate held one of our regular Board meetings. In addition to our executive directors and management team, we were joined by our independent directors: Lawrence Churchill our chair, and Professor Jim Norton.

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  4. Grace's Guide

    Grace's Guide

    This week’s blog post is designated to discuss one of the Charities Applegate Supports; Grace’s Guide. Grace’s Guide is the leading source of information on Britain’s industrial past.

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  5. Celebrating the work of our Apprentices on National Apprenticeship Week

    Celebrating the work of our Apprentices on National Apprenticeship Week

    National Apprenticeship Week has given us the opportunity to celebrate the success of our 6 Workplace Degree Students. Helping to raise awareness of an Apprenticeship career pathway.

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  6. Petroc Speed Networking Event

    Petroc Speed Networking Event

    Jack Richards talks to Petroc Business students about the Applegate Workplace Degree Programme, an alternative higher education option to University.

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