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APEX2 Personal Sampling Pump

APEX2 Personal Sampling Pump

Casella has launched Apex2, a range of next generation personal sampling pumps that provides accurate and reliable monitoring of exposure to dust in a variety of industrial workplaces. These advanced pumps are ergonomically designed to ensure better weareracceptance, whilst providing exceptional performance, great functionality and connectivity, and simplicity of reporting.

The Apex2 range includes three separate models - the Apex2, Apex 2 Plus and Apex2 Pro,which feature different functionality to meet varying requirements. All threemodels are designed to be unobtrusive to the wearer and the task that they areperforming. However, in the event that a worker removes the pump, this will be registered via a motion sensor that provides data to confirm if the pump has been worn and therefore confirm the validity of the sample.

The Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro models enable remote monitoring on smartphone and tablets as they both connect with the new easy to use Casella Airwave app via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This free app enables those responsible for monitoring to assess the sampling run without disturbing the wearer of the pump as well enabling them to control the pump from a smart device. Simple and easy to use, the app provides near real-time status updates and is designed to allow collected data to be emailed alongside photos and notes – adding context to the data and further simplifying the reporting process.

“The Apex2 range of personal sampling pumps truly are an industry first. The Bluetooth connectivity, the app and the built-in motion sensor differentiate this advanced technology from all other market offerings,” said Andrea Bowen, Technical Product Manager at Casella. “Occupational hygienists can be confident that the new pumps not only save time and effort, but also deliver better quality data than ever before.”

The Apex2 range of personal sampling pumps are part of Casella’s latest occupational hygiene solutions that also include the recently launched dBadge2. This next generation noise dosimeter also connects with a smartphone app to enable noise measurement and reporting in real time and without disturbance to workforces.

For more information on the innovative range of Apex2 personal sampling pumps for dust, please visit


dBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter

dBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter

It is nearly 10 years since the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) came into force and during this time there has been plenty of hype over the Internet of Things and People with a forecast of billions of devices getting connected over the next 20 years.  There has certainly been an explosion in the adoption of Smart Phones and other mobile devices both at home and in the workplace, the regular DAY IN THE LIFE feature in this very magazine has shown the importance of a Smart Phone as an invaluable tool in the Occupational Hygienist’s armoury. 

During this same timeframe, the badge-style, personal noise dosimeter has also gained preference amongst H&S professionals, Casella’s iconic dBadge® becoming a firm favourite due to its compact size, ease of use, long battery life and of course, a cable-free microphone. 

Despite this preference, as a presentation given at the British Occupational Hygiene Society’s (BOHS) 2014 annual conference entitled I’m not wearing that pointed out it’s still hard to get workers to buy-in to exposure sampling in the first place.  Try interrupting a belligerent maintenance fitter, mid-task to check that battery life is OK and that the results look sensible!

And whilst noise measuring instrumentation has generally not stood still as evidenced by instrumentation manufacturer’s  adoption of faster processors, more memory and colour displays, there has been a distinct lack of connectivity in all but the most ‘top-end’ of systems………that is until now.

Indeed when Casella asked its customers several years ago whether they wanted wireless in the next generation personal noise dosimeter the overwhelming reaction was one of indifference.   But more recent voice of customer feedback has confirmed a demand for an ability to “monitor (personal sampling) devices remotely in real-time”.

Casella were therefore delighted to unveil their latest innovation namely dBadge2® and Airwave App® at the 2015 Health and Safety Event in Birmingham last month, which they believe will revolutionise the way that personal noise sampling is conducted. 

dBadge2 retains the  form factor and two button user interface of its predecessor but benefits from a full colour display and the latest incarnation of Bluetooth® low energy, present on the majority of mobile devices introduced in the last few years.  This enables the remote start, stop or pause of a measurement run as well as discretely monitoring progress without the need to interfere with or disturb the worker.  Consequently this will have a dramatic effect on the wearer’s acceptance whilst maintaining confidence in the data being collected.

The Airwave App also opens up a further world of connectivity since customers also commented that collecting field data and making notes was generally difficult and that writing reports was time consuming.  Airwave utilises the mobile host’s ability to email a summary of the data, add notes on the spot and even to attach a photograph of the task (remember that wrench-wielding fitter?) for later review or simply to cut & paste to form the basis of a report.

But that’s not all.  Optional features like audio recording and real-time octave band analysis make available the kind of information that was once the preserve of the hand-held sound level meter; information which is invaluable for source identification and undertaking control measures.  And for the minority of workers who really don’t want to take part in the survey, a motion sensor will evidence whether they actually wore the dosimeter at all when your back was turned.

So is this just technology for technology’s sake?  Harnessing modern processing power whilst keeping things easy to use has always been a Casella forte and dBadge2 is no exception.  But it’s really all about making the lives of busy H&S professionals simpler by improving their confidence in the data on which to base important control decisions, which the HSE are increasingly focussing on. This will ultimately serve to better protect the health of the workforce, whether they like it or not because despite the risks, there is still a lot of complacency by individuals about their long term health.

dBadge2  will prove to be an invaluable tool in the fight against noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) , that despite the observations of ‘boiler makers ear’ by  a Glasgow Doctor in the 19th Century, still remains the world’s biggest, yet wholly preventable occupational disease with estimates of 16% of global hearing loss caused by workplace exposure. 

This innovation comes at a time when the health bandwagon in the UK continues to gather momentum with organisations including the British Safety Council, BOHS, RoSPA and the IIRSM all keen to tackle long latency diseases like NIHL but also the respiratory diseases that can lead to premature death.  Casella also makes sampling pumps and therefore predicts similar connectivity benefits for personal sampling of airborne exposures.

And the future?  Casella plans to further develop its wireless offering and is keen to engage with its customers to understand all the “it would be nice if I could….” requirements that connectivity will inevitably unleash. So come on, let’s Get Connected and for further information visit or email

Neal Hill, Product Line Manager

HAVex Hand Arm Vibration Meter

HAVex Hand Arm Vibration Meter

Casella’s new Hand Arm Vibration Meter has been developed to monitor those susceptible to hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). This serious condition affects one in ten people working with hand-held, vibrating power tools¹, such as hammer drills, chainsaws and concrete breakers.


Encompassing a number of conditions including Raynaud’s Disease and White Finger, without proper workplace precautions and monitoring in place HAVS can cause irreversible and painful damage to the blood vessels, nerves and joints in the arm, hands and fingers.


For the estimated two million people at risk² from hand arm vibration syndrome the innovative meter available from Casella will go a long way in evaluating risk and accurately assessing vibration levels. With just three operational buttons this instrument is much easier and quicker to use than other available meters. It tracks the length of time the operator is exposed to the vibration and is able to calculate and simply display total exposure, in accordance with current legislation.


“The HAVex is being demonstrated at two of the biggest health and safety events this year, which provide the ideal forum to place a spotlight on the issues of HAVS,” said Andrea Bowen Technical Product Manager at Casella. “This condition has plagued construction, foundry and workers across heavy industry for too long, so Casella is delighted to offer a product that can strike at the heart of the problem before it begins to cause physical suffering to those most at risk.”


Andrea continues, “All of our measuring and monitoring solutions, whether for noise, dust or vibration, are developed to help prevent occupational disease. We keep usability and reliability at front of mind to ensure the process is as easy as possible and that occupational health is given the same priority as workplace safety.”


For more information, please visit


Casella Boundary Guardian

Casella Boundary Guardian

Casella has launched a new version of its BOUNDARY Guardian that features a ground-borne vibration monitoring option as well as the existing noise and dust monitoring functionality. This further enhances the capability of the BOUNDARY Guardian, which is an essential tool for effective environmental monitoring at construction, demolition and process sites. One major London-based international construction company believes that they have saved over £120k in consultancy fees in one year thanks to the BOUNDARY Guardian.

Casella’s BOUNDARY Guardian is a plug and play solution for web-based real-time remote monitoring of noise, dust and now vibration emissions, which enables users to ensure compliance with regulatory limits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The solution is already proving to be extremely popular among
construction and demolition companies, especially in London where an estimated 15 percent of airborne particulates are attributable to construction. Although noise and dust emissions commonly get the most attention, vibration from such applications as piling can create major structural integrity problems for neighbouring properties and many planning authorities are now cracking down on this.

To ensure effective vibration monitoring, a tri-axial geophone is wired to the main BOUNDARY Guardian housing and records the maximum peak particle velocity within a five minute period. Collected data is available for review via a secure website and reports can be produced to prove compliance with planning limits. In addition, optional SMS alerts are available in the event that vibration levels exceed limits. This brings peace of mind to operators concerned about the close proximity of intense construction activity to nearby buildings, many of which could have historical significance.

“The launch of the BOUNDARY Guardian with vibration monitoring capability is another big step forward for controlling emissions from construction and demolition sites. No other environmental monitoring solution on the market offers the same level of functionality or performance,” said Shaun Knott, Business Development Manager at Casella. “With this version of the BOUNDARY Guardian installed, site operators can keep up to date in real-time with their emissions and take action to reduce them if necessary.”

Please visit for more information.

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