Certex UK

  • Harworth Industrial Estate
  • Blyth Road, Harworth
  • Doncaster
  • South Yorkshire
  • United Kingdom
  • DN11 8NE (map)

  • Tel: 0845 230 7475
  • Fax: 0845 230 7476
  • Website: www.certex.co.uk


  • John Briggs, Financial Management
  • Gary Oakley, General Management
  • Number of Employees: 21 - 100

CERTEX is the leading supplier of high performance wire rope to all models of cranes, elevators, winches and other equipment throughout Europe. CERTEX offers a wide range of the world's leading brands and delivers solutions to meet all demands within a wide range of market sectors.

As Part of CERTEX's Lifting KnowHow we provide a complete range of technical support information covering everything from selecting the correct rope to making the right choice of termination.

CERTEX offer:

General Ropes and Small Cords

A high quality range of general engineering ropes and small cords for a wide range of applications.

Crane ropes

The CERTEX range of Crane Ropes includes products from the world's leading manufacturers including their quality own brand ROPETEX.

Lift Ropes

CERTEX has over 50 years experience in delivering quality wire ropes to elevator OEM's and service companies throughout Europe. Utilising CERTEX International's immense buying power CERTEX offer a competitive range of ex stock wire ropes and terminations from leading manufacturers in Europe. Large stocks and rigging facilities enable CERTEX to offer same day collection and next delivery from the central warehouse in Nottinghamshire and their specialist regional centre in London to cover the South East.

Stainless ropes

A wide range of stainless steel ropes for applications where appearance and resistance to corrosion are important including medical applications, architectural and the yachting industry.

Wire rope fittings and accessories

A wide range of quaility end terminations and other wire rope accessories.

Clips and clamps

Wire Grips and clamps for on site termination of wire ropes.


Wire Rope Thimbles to protect the eye of the wire rope and provide a connection with the lifitng device.

Sockets and accessories

Wire Rope Sockets to provide an efficient termination of steel wire rope.


A range of swaged terminations for small cords and smaller wire ropes.

Wire Rope Cutters

A range of manual and hydraulic machines for cutting steel wire rope.

Cable grips and stockings

A range of cable grips and rope stockings to help in installing steel wire ropes.


The Brilube range of Hi-Tech lubricants to extend the life of your wire ropes.

Other accessories

Portable presses for terminating wire rope.

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