Rime GmbH

  • Heinrich-Schönberg-Strasse 6
  • Riesa
  • Saxony
  • Germany
  • D-01591 (map)

  • Tel: +49 3525 50690
  • Website: www.rime.de

Rime GmbH

The company Rime is in processing sheet metal. Laser cutting and edging is possible up to a length of 16 m. Welded components can be produced up to a weight of 16 tons.

Cutting and Forming

Cutting and forming of sheet metals by trimming, laser cutting, milling, nibbling, punching, bending, shearing and barrel finishing. Production of welded components up to 16 tons weight using different welding processes.

Our products:  CNC laser cutting, CNC milling services, CNC sheet metal processing, edging work, laser cutting services, laser sheet metal working, stamped and bent parts, welded steel structures.

Support resources

Call Applegate +44 (0)345 600 7177 AS