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Your pooling company

CONTRALOAD (CLD) is a fast growing Pan European company in pooling and rental services for plastic pallets and bins. For more than 10 years CLD has been focusing on plastic load carriers and has close to 1 million assets in its pool, all constantly on the move within the whole of Europe.

CLD has a broad range of plastic pallets and IBCs for many different supply chains. Focus lies on the more complex food and FMCG supply chains with demanding and challenging global customers like Unilever, Nestle and many others. CLD helps its customers to meet the high quality and hygienic requirements, avoid foreign body contamination and to connect to suppliers or customers in a cost effective way. “CLD helps you carry the load”, so you can focus on your core business.

CLD also provides a tailored packaging solutions via Load Carrier Solutions (LCS). LCS can offer the (re-)design of the load carrier itself. Finding the best suited load carrier for the job or designing and producing one where required.

Pallet Solutions

CLD plastic pallets meet both standard and European pallet specifications for the B2B environment.  Visit the CLD website to take a look at the CLD pallet range.

With their unique track & trace system the load carriers are traceable, you can place your orders and take a look at your load carrier balances.

IBC Solutions

Specialising in liquid and dry bulk solutions, CLD is the greenest pooling company in the world. For IBC solutions, they have a particular expertise with bins and liners, from 200 litre up to 1,250 litre.  The CLD bins and bin liners allow you to transport almost all aseptic, non-aseptic and dry bulk products, such as juices, concentrates, purees, oils, milk and eggs, etc, etc.  Visit the CLD website to take a look at the CLD IBC range.

The CLD plastic pallet & IBC solutions can be tailored to your product and supply chain needs.  CLD ensures that they can always deliver the right pallet / IBC for your business. “We have the right solution for your requirements and the right load carrier for your product”.

Support resources

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