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Deep Hole Drilling

Deep Hole Drilling

At PRV Engineering, we are specialists in deep hole drilling, having recently added ten deep hole drilling machines and an excellent variety of ancillary equipment. Our deep hole drilling service encompasses a wide range of processes such as hole drilling as a stand-alone operation. We also boast an extensive range of gun drills, counter boring heads and ejector drills.

Our capacities for this service are:

Non-cylindrical Components

  • Holes from 4mm up to 320mm diameter* in any position
  • Up to 2200mm centres dependent on weight and overhang

Cylindrical Components

  • Holes from 4mm up to 320mm diameter*
  • Up to 6000mm in length

*Dependent upon material specification and weight (maximum three tonnes)

CNC Machined Components

CNC Machined Components

We are able to provide a complex and diverse range of services and CNC machined components to a multitude of industries with our CNC machining, turning, and milling capabilities.

Our CNC machined components are all produced in accordance with our Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and we manufacture from our own designs, OEM samples or customer drawings depending on your personal requirements.

Conventional Turning

Conventional Turning

We provide a wealth of conventional turning services and manufacture from the simplest of products to more complex items and assemblies for prototype development and testing. Our conventional turning facilities include:

  • 520 Dia. x 2m Long
  • 920 Dia. x 3m Long with 2m Taper Facility
  • 1200 Dia. x 350 Long
  • 200 Dia. x 3500 Long



Our busbars offer not only high quality and value for money, but we are a one-stop-shop for all your needs where you can select all your busbar, conductor, contact and connection requirements.

We work in partnership with our customers in order to provide an exceptional service and we have the expertise and knowledge to manufacture your replacement busbars to order at an unbeatable price. Our range of high precision busbars includes consolidated and laminated busbars, forged busbars, straight busbars, and straight busbars.

Copper Busbars

Copper Busbars

Our busbar fabrications include the manufacture of copper busbars, as well as cooper contacts, cast copper connections and forged copper connections.

Copper busbars and other items are manufactured from C101 electrical grade copper. Our busbars are manufactured to only the highest standard with CAD file integration with CNC manufacturing and rapid response times for production. All our products are ISO 9001:2000 approved.

A range of products and services

We manufacture for an expanse of industries providing them with a vast range of products and services. Quality is high on our agenda and all Products and Services offered by the company are completed in accordance with our Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Below in A-Z fashion you will find a list of our products and service that we can offer:

4 Axis Machining

As an experienced and exceptionally skilled engineering service, we have advanced facilities including 4 axis machining capabilities. As well as over 25 years' experience, we have BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

5 Axis Machining

At PRV Engineering, our advanced facilities include 5 axis machining capabilities. We can offer you the benefits of these facilities through our dedication to continual investment and development.

5 Axis Milling

If you require the services of 5 axis milling, PRV Engineering can provide you with the most advanced solutions. With our new acquisition, the Mazak VTC800/30SR, we can cater for a variety of requirements.

Access Platforms

Here at PRV Engineering, our fabrication capabilities are vast. Our specialist fabrication department has the capacity to produce products and components ranging from the very small to larger products. This extensive fabrication service includes the production of access platforms

Architectural Balustrades

From our eclectic fabrication capabilities, we offer services for the production of architectural balustrades. If you require architectural balustrades, PRV will offer you a service which is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations, by delivering the highest quality products.


If you require the production of balconies, PRV Engineering can offer you a specialist service. With PRV, you'll always receive an exceptional service built around quality, efficiency and a strong work ethic. We always strive to maintain outstanding levels of high-quality when producing balconies and all other fabricated products.

Busbar Fabrication

Do you require a specialist busbar fabrication service? When you order busbars from PRV you get a dedicated, long-standing service which is cost-efficient and of the highest quality. For your busbar fabrication requirements, we are your one-stop-shop.

Busbar Supplier

If you're looking for a first-class busbar supplier, PRV Engineering will provide you with the complete service. With our exceptional high levels of quality control and our status as ISO 9001 -2000 approved, you know that when you source your busbars from PRV, you'll always be getting a reliable, efficient and professional service.

Busbars Manufacturer

We are an experienced and highly-skilled busbars manufacturer. With over 25 years' experience and BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, we have the capabilities to manufacture all types of busbars, no matter what your requirement may be.

CNC Horizontal Machining

We provide exceptional CNC machining services. Our specialist capabilities include CNC horizontal machining, and we have horizontal machining centres with up to (X) 650mm (Y) 650mm (Z) 550mm. This is as well as an auto pallet change facility, laser tip break detection, and probing facilities.

CNC machined parts

For CNC machined parts, we provide an exceptional service which is backed by over 25 years' experience. Our specialist engineers have the skills to provide all types of CNC machined parts for an eclectic variety of requirements. We have the facilities to offer full capacity CNC milling and CNC turning services.

CNC Machining 4th Axis

Within our CNC milling department, our vast facilities include the operation of CNC machining centres up to (X) 1500mm (Y) 850mm (Z) 750mm. This includes true 4th axis capability (0.001 deg. resolution), as well as Renishaw probing, helical milling and auto pallet change facilities.

CNC Machining 5th Axis

Through our dedication to development and constant investment in new technology, we have been able to add a Mazak VTC800/30SR to our plant list. This vertical travelling column machining centre has full 5 axis synchronous milling capabilities and a large machining envelope enabling a wide variety of components to be manufactured.

CNC milling engineers

We are experienced and skilled CNC milling engineers. We have the expertise and dedication to cater for all your requirements, no matter how complex or unique, and no matter what the size of your order.


If you require conductors, PRV Engineering can provide you with an exceptional service. We have over 25 years' experience and a team of specialist, skilled engineers who are on-hand to deliver your exact requirements.

Conveyor Systems Manufacturer

If you require a conveyor systems manufacturer, PRV Engineering is the specialist company you'll want to work with. As well as conveyor systems, we also specialise in the production of machinery guarding and materials handling equipment among other related services.

Copper Connections

Do you require copper connections? At PRV Engineering, we have the skills and experience to deliver on your exact copper connections requirements. We have over 25 years' experience and advanced, comprehensive facilities.

Dual Axis Machining

Within our impressive CNC department, we have 16 machining centres which allow us to provide a wide range of specialist services, including dual axis machining. As well as our dual axis machining capabilities, we also provide various other CNC turning and CNC milling services.

Engineering Fabrication

If you're looking for high-quality engineering fabrication services, PRV are the specialists who will provide you with a superior service. Our engineering fabrication capabilities are vast and are carried out by fully qualified, dedicated engineers who have one desire: to fulfil your requirements and provide you with components and products which meet and exceed your expectations.

Engineering Turned Parts

Here at PRV, we specialise in engineering turned parts for all types of requirements. When we engineer turned parts, we produce products which adhere to Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. This exceptionally high quality of service spreads across all our departments, so when you order from PRV, you know you're always receiving an exceptional product.

Forged Busbars

As specialist manufacturers with over 25 years' experience, we provide a wide range of engineering services for all types of industry. Our exceptional engineering services cover forged busbars. When you order forged busbars from PRV Engineering, you receive both high-quality and value for money products.

Gun Drilling Services

As part of our extensive engineering capabilities, we provide specialist gun drilling services. Our ability, level of commitment and service, as well as our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to provide you with the most advanced gun drilling services.

High Precision Busbar

At PRV, we are specialist engineers with vast experience and expertise. Our services include the supply of high precision busbars. With our superior skills and knowledge, we can manufacture replacement busbars to order. Not only do you get a first-class service with PRV, you also receive your high precision busbar order at a price the original manufacturers cannot compete with.

High Volume Turned Parts

Do you require high volume turned parts? Here at PRV Engineering, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with all types of turned parts, and all size order requirements are catered for. Providing both high and low volume turned parts is just one part of our comprehensive service.

Horizontal Machining

Within our specialist CNC milling department, we have three horizontal machining centres. Our horizontal machining capabilities range up to (X) 650mm (Y) 650mm (Z) 550mm and our facilities also include auto pallet change, laser tip break detection and probing.

Low Volume Turned Parts

Our vast array of fabrication services includes the provision of low volume turned parts. If you require low volume turned parts, PRV Engineering have the experience, expertise, and team of skilled engineers to meet your every requirement.

Machined Components

At PRV we manufacture for all industries. From food and railway, to oil and gas, we provide high-quality machined components for all types of requirements and specifications. All our machined components and parts are manufactured to our Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008. As well as machined components, this quality standard also covers turned parts, steelwork fabrication, wet spray painting, powder coating, site installation and maintenance.

Machinery Guarding Manufacturer

Included in our vast array of engineering services is machinery guarding production. As a skilled and experienced machinery guarding manufacturer, we have the capacity to meet your requirements, no matter how complex or intricate they may be.

Materials Handling Equipment

If you require materials handling equipment, PRV Engineering will provide you with a specialist service which is backed by over 25 years' experience. For materials handling equipment, we have a team of dedicated engineers who are on hand to deliver your requirements, exactly to your specification.

Mechanical Installation

At PRV Engineering, our wide ranging services include mechanical installation. Our mechanical installation and maintenance services are of an exceptionally high standard. They include the capacity to install third party equipment as well as our own, and this full service includes providing transport, handling, lifting and welding, as well as various other related disciplines.

Multi Discipline Machining

At PRV Engineering, we have the capacity to offer comprehensive multi discipline machining services. We cater for all types of industrial and specialist engineering requirements, with services including Precision and CNC machining such as multi axis/multi discipline production, deep hole drilling, welding and fabrication, CAD/CAM links, installation and maintenance to name only a few.

Powder Coating Finishing

To ensure we provide all our customers with a comprehensive service - from inception to completion - we developed a finishing department which includes the capability of powder coating finishing. For powder coating finishing, we have a specialist powder coating booth, enabling us to provide you with a full one-stop-shop service of the highest quality.

Precision Engineered Parts

Do you require precision engineered parts? At PRV Engineering, we have many years' experience in the manufacture of precision engineered parts, and have been supplying them to companies of all sizes throughout many industries for many years. PRV Engineering is your single source for high-quality, dependable engineered parts.

Precision Turned Components

If you require precision turned components, you'll want to ensure you're receiving components which are of the highest quality and reliability. Here at PRV, we produce precision turned components to Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008. So when you order from PRV Engineering, you know you're getting an exceptionally reliable and dependable service.

Sheet Metal Work Fabrications

Here at PRV Engineering, we provide exceptional sheet metal work and fabrication services. When you acquire sheet metal work fabrications from PRV, you get a specialist service which is backed by over 25 years' experience and Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Steel Fabrication

If you require steel fabrication services, PRV are your one-stop-shop. We have a comprehensive fabrication department which is capable of producing components and products from the smallest to the largest - all requirements can be catered for. Whether you require machinery guarding, conveyor systems, materials handling equipment or any other steel fabrication product, PRV have the solutions.

Steel Framework Fabrication

We provide comprehensive steel framework fabrication services. We have been providing these steel framework fabrication services for many years and have the facilities and expertise to consider all types of requirements.

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