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Eurocircuits are one of Europe’s largest specialist manufacturers of prototype and small batch PCBs.  We offer busy designers a full set of services, software tools, support and equipment to help them achieve an optimum workflow and realise their projects on time and on budget.

PCB Prototypes

PCB Prototypes

Low prices

  • Order-pooling (combining several orders on standard production panels) cuts costs without compromising quality or delivery.  We produce over 70,000 orders per year so we can offer order-pooling prices over the widest range of technologies.
  • No tooling charges, no minimum order size
  • Quality and delivery you can count on
  •  We are not brokers. All boards are made in our own factories in Germany and Hungary, and for our BINDI pool service in our factory in India, with full traceability
  • 100% manufacturability check on all orders before production – your guarantee of a high quality board delivered on time
  • 40 years manufacturing experience plus on-going investments ensure the capacity and the technology you can depend on now and in the future


Speed and convenience

  • Immediate online prices 24/7/52. No registration needed.
  • One menu per service – compare pooled and non-pooled options to get best technology/price combination
  • Order directly online. First-time business orders go straight into production without paperwork delays
  • Deliveries from 2 working days.
  • Access your complete PCB records online (order status, data files, previous orders, invoices etc.)

"Share our knowledge" - faster, safer, smarter pricing/ordering

"Share our knowledge" - faster, safer, smarter pricing/ordering

No designer can know every factor which affects the price, delivery and long-term reliability of his PCB.  So we have built the rules into our user-interface.

  • Smart pricing /ordering menus
    • Continuously check board parameters for manufacturability as they are entered
    • Provide a wide range of multilayer build options (Build-up wizard)
    • Guide you to the best combination of technology, delivery, quantity and price
  • PCB Configurator data verification tool (Design Rule Checks (DRC) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) support)
    • analyses your PCB data-set against your price/order parameters
    • pinpoints any issues which may affect production, increase price or delay delivery

Production data optimisation tools

Production data optimisation tools
  • Panel Editor: define your precise delivery panel interactively on-screen
  • Marking Editor: add QR-codes, special text, date codes etc. exactly where you need them

PCBs with picture punch

PCBs with picture punch
  • PCB PIXture prints a photograph, graphic or logo on your PCB in black/white solder mask or gold finish.

Streamlined service structure

Online ordering is simple - there are just 5 order-pooling services specified by their base materials.

  • PCB proto.  FR4 prototype service, offering 1, 2 or 5 fully finished and tested PCBs in 2 - 7 working days.  No options so fastest to order – just enter number of layers, size, quantity and delivery.
  • STANDARD pool.  FR4. Select from very wide range of PCB options and multilayer builds in a single menu structure.  STANDARD pool covers your needs for PCB production up to 16 layers with design technology down to 90 microns.  Deliveries from 2 working days.
  • BINDI pool.  Medium-volume FR4 PCBs.  European quality at Asian prices.  Boards are made in our Indian plant using the same materials, processes and quality systems as in Europe.
  • RF pool. The cost benefits of order-pooling for RF materials. Deliveries from 3 working days.
  • IMS pool. Aluminium-backed PCBs for high heat-dissipation (e.g. LED) applications. . Deliveries from 3 working days


Time-pressed designers need a fast response if they hit a PCB issue.  We offer a free online chat service accessible from most menus.  If you have more time, email us at  Use our offline 24 hour “Launch Inquiry” service if you have trouble configuring your PCB or you want our engineers to run a full check on your data before you get a price.


For links to white papers and more than 100 technical blogs, click HERE


Order with your PCB or separately. Our stencil service offers two options:

1. Pre-registered stencils . Board and stencil are supplied with pre-registered tooling holes compatible with our eC-stencil-mate or eC-stencil-fix. Automatic registration means that no time lost fiddling with alignment – you start printing right away.

2. Custom stencils.  Include any special tooling holes etc. in your stencil data . Otherwise just define the border you require.



Bench-top reflow soldering equipment

Solder-paste printing and reflow cut manual assembly times for surface-mount PCBs up to 75%. To continue to take time out of the design process, Eurocircuits offer a bench-top printer, eC-stencil-mate, and reflow oven, eC-reflow-mate, designed and developed in close collaboration with their customers. They offer the same levels of accuracy and control as high-end automatic and semi-automatic machines but at a cost compatible with prototype and small batch production and with greatly simplified set-up and operation.


Hand-soldering support

The eC-pre-heater allows you to quickly boost up the temperature of your PCB to allow a smoother and easier hand soldering and de-soldering of critical components.

Soldering consumables

To complement our reflow-soldering equipment and stencils we offer designers a range of soldering consumables supplied in small packages suitable for prototype and small batch work. Chosen by our soldering technology partner ARCOSS, these items help to ensure good soldering, save waste and keep down costs.

Fixture-less tester for populated PCBs

Fixture-less tester for populated PCBs

eC-test-mate is a handheld system for the functional testing of assembled PCBs without the cost of complex tooling.  3 ergonomic test heads, each with integrated electronics, together provide a complete suite of functional tests.  eC-test-mate includes a docking station for the 3 heads and eC-my-test software, a powerful scripting language based around standard test commands.



Eurocircuits are a pan-European Value-Added Reseller for CadSoft’s EAGLE PCB design software. You can buy EAGLE CAD software licences and upgrades directly from our website on your Eurocircuits account – no need to set up new accounts and payment procedures.

Why? We want to find more ways to help our customers speed up their development cycle and get their products to market faster and at lower cost. Here integration is the key. We have integrated assembly with our bench-top reflow equipment. Now we can integrate design with EAGLE CAD. We chose EAGLE as it has proved itself over the last 20 years to be one of the most popular CAD packages around, easy to learn, easy to use and affordable, with a powerful range of functions and proven support.

Integration includes

• download of pre-set DRU files to ensure the most cost-effective design.
• direct upload of EAGLE BRD files without losing time converting into Gerber.


Support resources

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