CPM Accountancy

  • The Manor
  • Haseley Business Centre
  • Warwick
  • Warwickshire
  • United Kingdom
  • CV35 7LS (map)

  • Tel: 0870 991 9000
  • Fax: 0870 9919001
  • Website: www.cpmgroup.co.uk
Based at Haseley Manor in rural Warwickshire, the philosophy behind the company is simple - make life for the freelancer as easy and straightforward as possible by providing comprehensive administrational support services, allowing them to spend the maximum amount of time doing what they do best - IT contract work.

CPM aims to provide IT-specific administration services to the tens of thousands of freelance contractors in the United Kingdom more cost effectively than those offered by traditional accountancy practices.

CPM offers a superior service compared to other similar organisations, featuring the following:
  • A high standard of service with your own nominated account manager for unlimited contact and advice.
  • ALL available funds paid promptly. CPM runs a twice wekly payroll, so you can be sure you never miss a payday.
  • Very competitive, fixed service charges during work periods only ; no hidden extras, no charges when you are between contracts, no joining fee and no termination fee.
  • CPM runs an expenses scheme (Expenses guidelines / Expenses form)
  • Payment can be made weekly or m onthly , whichever you prefer. (Please note: you can only be paid once in any pay period so if we receive money from your agency, we will not be able to release the funds until the next pay period).
  • Payment method options: BACS or CHAPS to any bank account world-wide. (Please note: CHAPS payments cannot be made into building society accounts).
  • Regular statements and payslips detailing income and deductions.
  • Income confirmation to support credit/mortgage applications.
  • CPM's corporate pension scheme gives you tax relief on all your contributions.
  • CPMDrive, a unique company car scheme specifically designed for contractors.
  • CPM can supply you with a P45 upon completion of any contracts to facilitate unemployment benefit applications when you are between contracts.
  • A UK-based company, subject to UK law and regulations.
  • You are legally an employee but to CPM you are a customer.

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