CTL Manufacturing

  • Waterside, Brunel Way
  • Stroudwater Business Park
  • Stonehouse
  • Gloucestershire
  • United Kingdom
  • GL10 3SW (map)

  • Tel: 01453 794100
  • Fax: 01453 825424
  • Website: www.ctl-manufacturing.com


  • David Brandi, Computer Manager
  • Brian Humphries, Facilities Manager
  • Diane Kilminster, Marketing Executive
  • Sarah Nixson, Senior Account Manager
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable

We specialise in the production of cable harness, looms, wired conduits, electromechanical assembly, panel and cabinet wiring, fully supported by our comprehensive procurement and supply management systems,  In addition to our manufacturing expertise, CTL Manufacturing is able to offer an extensive range of services such as drawing facilities and documentation control, which can be used to provide cost effective solutions to our customers.

CTLManufacturing is a member of the Alpha 3 Manufacturing Group and the company operates from a 2,800m² facility in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK.

CTL Manufacturing has a vast wealth of experience and expertise drawn from a wide range of industries including industrial, military, medical, automotive, aviation, test and measurement.

Customers product is manufactured to ISO9002 standards and we also have BABT accreditation.

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