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So you've gone live with your new website

Website went live on time?

2 more months have passed, now what?

Is it working? Has traffic recovered? 

Do you have a plan? 

What is the plan?

Who is the editor?

Do they have any experience in Journalism?

Who is the web publishing team?

Who writes the new copy?

Who is your copy proof reader?

Are your photographs going to be subject to ridicule?

Have you got a website content plan?



CUPS or Content Update Solution is a revolutionary way of having your website content updated, you get all the full set of ad agency services; art direction, copywriting, design and technical. Go to our website for More and Testimonials 


Updating your website is now easier. CUPS is 75% cheaper than other agencies thanks to low overheads, it’s a no brainer really. Why didn’t someone else come up with this idea ten years ago? Join us. Go to our website for How and Prices 


An ecommerce company were unhappy with their website design and functionality. They had already paid out £1800, plus they'd invested 6 months in working hours to prepare and upload all their products. So they sought advice from so-called web experts. 

Expert 1 "The website looks a bit duff so we'll need to redo the whole thing for £8000 plus you'll need to re-upload your 400 products into a Magneto style online shop to make this website work". 

Expert 2 "Well the website looks a little grim, so we'll need to redesign it for £1500, plus you'll need to re-upload your products again, but we only design websites, so you'll need to find someone else to do the web build and configure the CMS and database for you. 

Expert 3 (us at Creative Room) "No worries guys just pay us around £1000 and we'll make your investment actually work how you want it to.

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