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  • 25 Upper Street, Islington
  • London
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We offer a full spectrum of printing solutions at Definitive Media:

Inkjet: We recommend inkjet printing if your doing low volume runs. This will be the same process for standard desktop printer. The ink imprints to the face of the disc and is fantastic for full colour designs, but the best effect of this is if you limit the areas of block colour.  To obtain a glossy finish you can use water-resistant discs, it makes the colours show more vibrantly.

Silk Screen: Our silk screen printing is a stencil printing process. The ink passes through unblocked areas of a mesh, this produces an image. The silk screen printing uses colour-separated films. A different screen is produced for each film, each colour is printed onto the CD/DVD face. The mesh has the ink pushed through it by squeegee onto the discs top.

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