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Clinical Neurophysiology & Intra-operative Monitoring

Clinical Neurophysiology & Intra-operative Monitoring
Digitimer Ltd has a range of clinical neurophysiology & intra-operative monitoring equipment. Their range includes medical stimulators, medical amplifiers, isolated amplifiers, EMG amplifiers, EEG amplifiers, motor evoked Potentials, MEP and transcranial stimulators.
Cortical stimulation, stimulating electrodes, recording electrodes, disposable electrodes, Pena stimulators, PSARP stimulators, threshold-tracking, nerve excitability and computer-controlled stimulators are also included in their range of clinical neurophysiology & intra-operative monitoring equipment.

Life Science Research Equipment

Life Science Research Equipment

Digitimer Ltd has over thirty years experience in the manufacture and supply of life science research equipment. Their life science research equipment is used by biomedical researchers worldwide.

Their range of life science research equipment includes:

  • Electrophysiology Equipment
  • Pipette Pullers
  • Anti-vibration Tables
  • Patch Clamp Amplifiers
  • Extracellular Amplifiers and many more

Urodynamics and Manometry

Urodynamics and Manometry

Digitimer Ltd has a wide range of urodynamics and manometry hardware available. They have ambulatory recording, anorectal manometry, urodynamics, clinical urology and pessaries hardware on offer.

Digitimer Ltd also has a comprehensive selection of urodynamics and manometry disposables and consumables available. This selection includes catheters, continence aids and pressure transducers and domes.

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